When Dr. Tim LaHaye and I announced that we had initiated the Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy – a comprehensive school that delves into the mysteries of the Bible as they relate to world events leading to Christ’s imminent return – we never dreamed that we would witness the response that has now taken place.

In the weeks since we announced the formation of this school in my National Liberty Journal newspaper, WorldNetDaily and a few other venues, the response has truly been astounding. I knew that people were hungering to learn more about the present and future events that will lead to the ultimate return of Christ to this earth, but I had no idea the extent of that hunger.

I am happy to report that we have now had more than 200,000 visitors to the Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy Web site during the past few weeks. Several thousand of these visitors have requested further information on this dynamic new school and we have subsequently sent them our course catalog and other pertinent information.

Right now, as I write this column, our academic advisers are working with a host of individuals who have expressed interest in joining our first class of students at the School of Prophecy.

I spoke on the phone with Dr. LaHaye earlier this week and I can report that he is energized beyond words about getting under way with this unique program in January 2002. Dr. LaHaye and I, along with our School of Prophecy instructors – including Drs. Edward Hindson (dean), John Walvoord, John Ankerberg, Thomas Ice and other distinguished Bible scholars – are gearing up for a great first year.

I receive daily reports on the enrollment of new students in this one-year program and was recently pleased to learn that we have even enrolled a student from Puerto Rico. It appears that our first class will be very diverse and I know each one of our students is yearning to embark on their journey into the Bible and prophetic studies. What an amazing adventure it will be for these students to study under Dr. LaHaye and these other renowned prophecy scholars.

Dr. LaHaye, whose new volume in the best-selling “Left Behind” series is titled “Desecration,” continues to work with Jerry Jenkins on the remaining installments of the series that has taken the publishing world by storm. In fact, fans of the series have expressed so much interest in the October 30 release of “Desecration,” the ninth episode in the apocalyptic series, that Tyndale House Publishers has committed to a record-setting 3 million first printing! This is the largest-ever print run for a Christian novel and even exceeds John Grisham’s 2.8 million first printing for his recently released “A Painted House.”

The “Left Behind” series is currently the fastest-selling fiction series and the all-time best-selling evangelical novels. All eight books in the series have made the national bestseller lists.

In “Desecration,” Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia enters the temple in Jerusalem and declares himself God, leading the world to the brink of Armageddon. While this series is a fictional portrayal, the fact is, one day the Antichrist will truly arise and set in motion his reign of terror.

The purpose of the Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy is to bring the world of biblical prophecy to light so that our students may, in turn, teach their cities and communities about these future world events that are part of God’s holy plan. Most importantly, we see the School of Prophecy as a new tool to reach many people across the world with the Gospel – God’s message of hope to man.

At the onset of the School of Prophecy, we made available 500 scholarships worth $8,000 toward the first year of study at this new school, meaning students utilizing the scholarships pay only $2,000 in tuition. Those 500 scholarships are rapidly being claimed as we enroll more and more new students. Anyone considering attending the School of Prophecy in January should not hesitate to reserve a scholarship immediately.

For an information/scholarship packet regarding the Tim LaHaye School of Prophecy, please call our toll-free number (877-898-5027) or visit our Web site.

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