You have to hand it to the Chinese. They not only knew how to get what they wanted from Bill Clinton – read that as money at the right time and place – they also paid attention to their pal and how he handled things when he was the top guy of these United States.

And others called Clinton the first “black president”? I’d say, he’s better described as the first “Chinese president.”

His modus operandi was easy enough: Deny, deny, deny and continue doing whatever he pleased. Clinton did just that, and skated on just about everything in the swirl of scandal around his administration over eight years.

In the few areas where things got legally sticky for him, he had his paid mouthpieces do the dirty work with the complicity of elected officials. The resulting harm to him was minimal. Of course, there was a financial downside to all this for Clinton, but then we make the complete circle – back to more money. What a guy!

The Chinese are nothing if not smart and observant. How could they miss the changes in the Western nations over the last 40 years. How could they miss that the West has turned into moral mush in efforts to be open to diversity, non-judgmental, eager to welcome everyone into the tent and, of course, more than willing to do anything for the almighty dollar. Can’t we all be friends – and all that – but, by the way, let’s do business.

What that really boils down to is that the West has lost its sense of right and wrong, its level of honorable patriotism and its belief and defense of religious rights. Its also made a big swing to the left.

I heard the news announcement that Beijing had been selected as host city for the 2008 Olympic Games with resignation. There had been no doubt in my mind it would happen.

Despite all the huffing and puffing about human rights, religious persecution and a myriad of other abuses, I would have bet the ranch that China would be selected. No, let me correct that: I would have bet the ranch that China would be rewarded. Yes, that’s the word. Rewarded. Go ahead, Bill Clinton, smile. You were a good teacher.

You see, all of you complaining about the selection of China for the 2008 Olympic Games just don’t get it. The world has changed, don’t you know. Rules don’t matter. Morals don’t matter. Add to that ethics, laws, treaties, human rights, justice, freedoms, protocol, tradition or anything else that might smack of a civilized and traditional way for people and countries to attempt to get along.

These changes didn’t just happen. It’s been gradual, step-by-step, over the last 40 years. Since the ’60s, the very foundation of this country has been challenged and parts of it shattered. Standards have been lowered, morals weakened, traditions challenged on legal grounds and court decisions have pulled the rug from under the stability that holds society together.

Don’t think that it only happened here. Not at all. The seeds of the destruction of civilization as we’ve known it were sown and spread by means of mass communication, education, travel and trade. It was, and is, a message of anything goes, do what feels good, love is everything, change is good, authority is bad and tradition worse. And money is really nice.

Bill Clinton was the first yuppie president, the first of his generation to ascend to the throne of his own making, and as such represents the culmination of the changes undermining our country.

Bill Clinton is just like China. Look at it. Does China care what people think of it? Did Bill? Not really, because both are able to manipulate public opinion for the desired results.

Does Bill Clinton do what he wants without compunction and without caring about the fallout? Think Monica, campaign contributions, sale of American technology, loss of American secrets, executive orders and abuse of the law – not to mention the Constitution – excessive travel and spending and, oh yes, lying, deception and breaking the law. There’s more.

Does China do what it wants without compunction and without caring about the fallout? Think spy trials for Americans, a detained American surveillance plane, Tiananmen Square, Falun Gong, rampant public executions, forced prison labor, persecution of the church and of Christians, campaign contributions and other such financial enhancements, environmental destruction, forced abortions, baby killing, selling body parts, the systematic destruction of Tibet, threats against Taiwan. And, as the theatrical King of Siam said, “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.”

So, Bill and China are the same. He gets away with everything and so does China. The dumbed-down and emotionally-dead population lets Bill walk and the International Olympic Committee lets China walk too. I note with interest that their final vote remains secret so we’ll not know who really caved in.

The mushheads give the specious argument that since China got the games, they’ll be forced by world opinion to clean up their act. Sure, that’s why the day after the reward was announced, China announced the espionage trial of an American scholar – one of five men held under similar charges. So much for the clean up. And then there’s the new Chinese pact with Russia.

Don’t you feel just warm and cozy and safe? Don’t you wish our new president – a Republican claiming to be conservative – had the moral guts to do two things? One: speak out with dismay at the choice of Beijing. Two: Keep American athletes home.

To do any less, is to betray the brave Chinese desiring freedom and to support a regime that imposes horror on its own people and seeks to spread that influence across the world. It’s not a pretty picture – and it’s framed with dollar signs.

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