Editor’s note: On Thursday, WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah critiqued comments by filmmaker Michael Moore as reported in Murmurs.com. Following is Moore’s response.

You pulled some quotes from a rock zine site. You did not pull them from anything I have written. Start by being honest.

The point is this: A few corporations in this country control our media, and it has damned us to ignorance and greedy consumerism. The rest of the world’s democracies (that word you hate), like Canada, Britain, France, etc., have a CBC, BBC, etc., that is funded by the government with minimal interference (not the kind of interference we have here from “moralists” like Lieberman). They structure their newscasts to provide INFORMATION, not make a profit.

Obviously, you know me well enough to know I oppose ALL control by any government of ANY media. Thank God for the Internet. So far.

By the way, the first thing I notice at the top of your Web page was an advertisement. From Direct TV. Owned by Hughes. Owned by General Motors. So let’s try a little experiment. Take on Direct TV. Go after its chairman. Investigate its dealings. Tell us about the monopoly they are creating. Any comments, Joe, about the hard-core pornography it broadcasts? Just wondering.

Filmmaker Michael Moore is the creator of “The Awful Truth” TV series, “And Justice for All,” “TV Nation,” 1989’s “Roger and Me” and is the author of “Downsize This!”

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