It isn’t more “action” we need from the sexperts; it is less!

In fact, why not a five-year moratorium on the 30-year school sex-education experiment? Take five years to educate our children in serious American history, geography, literature and mathematics. At the end of the five-year hiatus, compare both the 2006 to 2001 SAT scores and rates to current rates of juvenile sexual action: abortion, “illicit” pregnancy, venereal disease and our pandemic rates of sexual abuse by and of children.

True, our current sewer of pornographic television, film, newsstand materials, Internet and such, render my suggested test imperfect. Still, I argue, here is a bona fide response to the recent “Call to Action” by U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher. Satcher wants to aid the sexual health of the nation. To do that, he will pay even more of our money to the lascivious “sexperts” who precipitated the pandemic child sexual activity in the first place.

The evidence finds children were not widely practicing sodomites and randy rabbits before Sex Information and Education Council of the United States and Planned Parenthood eagerly assaulted them in between algebra and physical education classes. Here “hip” teachers offered “sexual literacy” classes which were formerly the province of bordellos: exactly how and why to perfect the age-old techniques of oral and other forms of “outercourse.”

Before these “helping” sexperts, guileless moms and dads educated their children erotically and reproductively usually just by saying “No” while trying to keep loving each other and sticking it out. But, lo! “We now know all,” gushed the ecstatic, newly credentialed “sexperts,” emerging from days, weeks, even months, of accredited “core” pornography flicks – bestial, child, group and suchlike – taught in their Kinsey Institute satellite sex courses (really!).

From there, they sally forth to craft our children in their own images, enjoy sex everywhere, with everyone and everything, children suddenly more sexually “literate” than mom and dad.

And, see them run, the children of the sex education programs. See their fatherless babes and note their tragic divorces, sterility, impotence, suicide, their bi- and homo- and heterosexual promiscuity. See our children dying prematurely from AIDS, human papillomavirus (HPV), abortion-triggered breast cancer and varied forms of despair and depression. Hail the Great Sex Education Experiment.

We’ve had four decades of youth trained by the Kinseyan sex education delivery system, better known as SIECUS and Planned Parenthood. This is the surgeon general’s own evaluation, and he wants more of the same. Now though, these hypocritical sexperts evangelize about condoms when neither they nor any other pornographers mentioned such protection until they had too many boys dying of AIDS, infected by adult men.

Well I recall a typical 1974 Planned Parenthood booklet distributed to school children nationwide. It was called, “You’ve Changed the Combination.” Illustrated by nude, “Playboy”-like, huge-bosomed, blond women, towering over wimpy, genital-less, nude males, the sex education manual instructed the captive school children to only have sex with their “friends.” No mention of condoms there. Saving sex for marriage was just a form of prostitution the educators explained. The following summarized the four decades of Planned Parenthood’s view of marriage and chastity for schoolchildren:

“Do you want a warm body? Buy one. That’s right. There are women who have freely chosen that business, buy one. … Do you want a virgin to marry? Buy one. There are girls in that business too. Marriage is the price you’ll pay, and you’ll get the virgin. Very Temporarily [sic].” (You can consult my book, “Kinsey, Crimes and Consequences” for more information on sex-education pamphlets such as these.)

This was the sex education health message! Now, even some abstinence until marriage folks have caught condom mania. Their pitch to their vulnerable captive youth audience is, “While some children can wait, if you are so passionate we understand, and condoms do come in so many fashionable colors.”

The surgeon general was “aided” by lots of smart folks like John Bancroft, current director of the infamous Kinsey Institute. Since Bancroft’s institute founder, Dr. Kinsey, was arguably the father of school sex education it seemed a tad strange that Bancroft listed himself only as associated with “Indiana University.” Apparently, the director feared tying himself directly to Kinsey – a man who lied about his sex research even as he directed the sexual torture of hundreds, if not thousands of infants and children for his revolutionary tome, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.”

Fun classes on oral and even anal sex, mutual and group masturbation are still taught by hip sexperts as a part of children’s modern social interaction. Satcher would pacify the millions who contract vaginal, oral and anal venereal diseases as a direct result of believing sex education’s “outercourse” instructions. Will he bury the millions of young women with HPV who will be dying as young mothers?

What the children learn in schools, some practice on each other and on younger children including siblings. Child-on-child sexual assault rates are a direct function of the contempt for chastity being taught to our juvenile population in comprehensive sex-education classes. It’s not just that they are having sex, it’s that they are also committing sodomy, voluntarily and forcibly, with a recent Department of Justice report announcing that 64 percent of forcible sodomy victims are boys under 12. The New York Times reported a DOJ report in 1994 citing 12,000 in-school rape victims in 1994. The perpetrators were adult staff, teachers and older boys. I imagine some consider that a sex education practicum.

Dr. John Diggs, medical adviser to the Abstinence Clearinghouse noted, “[T]he dual message is just ‘safe sex’ in an abstinence wrapper. If a standard is not taught, why should youth elect abstinence until marriage?” Diggs cited many of the drastic errors in the Surgeon General’s “Call,” one of which was that “Childhood exposure to pornography. The report mentions unsolicited pornography, but what about the high volume of pornography that youth actually seek? Sexual exploitation due to lack of enforcement of statutory rape laws.”

But the sexperts are trained on pornography and testify in courtrooms to its importance to their lives. They commonly produce pornography themselves for “therapy” and are candid advocates for its use in early childhood sex education. Sexperts would oppose enforcement of statutory rape laws since their key educators and training institutions are documented as valuing “loving” adult-child sex.

Dr. Satcher’s sex elites could hardly condemn their own major products. These self-proclaimed youth “advocates,” celebrate because the 200-plus percent increase in teens having “illicit” babies since the 1950s has, they say, dropped a few percentage points. True, promiscuous sodomy does not produce babies, just disease, despair, depression, disaster and even death.

And yes, any objective evaluation would establish our current rates of juvenile dysfunctions as the measure of “success” of the sex education establishment. Anyone catch the sweet smell of fear in the air – that of a lucrative sex education monopoly dying?

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