On the heels of a successful launch of WorldNetDaily classified ads, three new reader services debut today for those interested in buying and selling autos and real estate – and those interested in promoting other business services.

Last month, WorldNetDaily partnered with a Canadian company, buyandsellitall.com, to provide an online classifieds service to help buyers connect with sellers. During the first two weeks of its launch, WorldNetDaily readers were offered listings absolutely free.

“The results were excellent,” explains Joseph Farah, president and chief executive officer of WorldNetDaily. “Of the 4,199 readers who visited the site, there were 316 listings placed in various categories from real estate to vehicles, merchandise, rentals and jobs. We even received several e-mails from readers thanking us for adding this service.”

Today WND adds three new products, one exclusively for vehicle dealers called AutoMall, one exclusively for Realtors called Realty
, and a coupon program for small and mid-size businesses that want to promote their services to the 2.5 million unique visitors WND attracts monthly.

“To a dealer, realtor or business, this is like a dream come true. For the first time, instead of simply selling ad space, a member of the media is putting his own skin in the game”, says Viraf Baliwalla,
buyandsellitall.com’s president. “WND is taking it upon itself to heavily promote these services to its tremendous readership base to create location, location, location and deliver the traffic. Then it is up to the dealer, realtor or business to be there if it wants access to the shoppers.”

With the AutoMall or Realty Mall, when a user does a search, the system displays the logos of each company that has listings that match the search criteria. Upon clicking on a logo, the system displays all the listings that match. The user can then choose to see all the listings of that company, thereby seeing his virtual showroom or gallery. Each listing can have up to five pictures and up to 1,000 characters of text description.

“Best of all, since we already have the user’s information in our database, we can then feed it back to the dealer or realtor at absolutely no charge,” adds Baliwalla.

The coupon program will be incorporated in two phases. In phase one, eight vendors will promote sales exclusively. The services offered must be of a national scope so as to be of benefit to WorldNetDaily’s large pool of North American readers. Coupons will be sent along as a thank-you to all users who register for the WorldNetDaily classifieds program. Phase two will be a more comprehensive service with an unlimited number of businesses able to promote their products and services at a low monthly cost, again through the use of coupons and special offers.

“The best way to get someone to use a product or service they are not familiar with is to give them an incentive for trying it,” explains Farah. “Our coupon model has been based around that. And it will be very affordable for even very small businesses when phase two launches in a few months.”

The regular prices for listings on the WND classifieds are $30 per vehicle and $95 per real estate property. As an introductory offer, until January 1, 2002, AutoMall is being offered exclusively to dealers at $200 a month for unlimited listings, Realty Mall is being offered exclusively to realtors at only $10 per property.

Coupons will be priced at $500 a month for the first eight approved vendors during phase one. This feature will appear only once we have all eight vendors signed up. Expressions of interest should be e-mailed to Balliwalla.

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