Is there some group of people whose liquidation you’d tolerate?
Perhaps some race, religion or creed that deserves punishment, even
extermination? What if I told you that such a group exists and you have been
taught to silently condone their destruction?

Well, there is a group whose persecution you are indoctrinated to
tolerate. Atrocities against this group are not to be mentioned in polite
company. Murders and rapes against this group are not worthy of detailed TV
news reports.

I am talking about persecution against African whites. Yes, they are
Africans – born and bred in Africa. Yes, they are white. And yes, there is
a campaign to eradicate their culture, drive them from their land, even murder them.

But you won’t hear about it on the evening news. You won’t hear the
full story because our media and our culture is racist. You see, white
people are guilty of being white. And everything white, European and
Christian is bad.

Or haven’t you heard?

White people are the devil’s spawn, the source of all evil in the
world, the center-point of suffering, exploitation and war. According to the
latest racist formulas, if you reduce the whites and eliminate the influence
of “dead white males” from universities, you will liberate mankind from the
great oppressor. Then there will be paradise on earth.

So the campaign against whites, which began many years ago, has
advanced through country after country. Perhaps you missed hearing about the
anti-white atrocities in Angola. Perhaps the history of Mozambique is
unfamiliar to you. Recently, a 4-year-old white farm girl was reported
raped and mutilated in South Africa. Did you hear about it?

There is no reason to get upset, says the new racism. White people
have it coming.

That’s right, go back to shopping. The planetary race war aimed at
the reduction of one race, above all others, is perfectly justifiable.
Europe’s past sins help set the stage. The anti-whites, armed with the propaganda of white guilt, are now given a license to kill and rape thousands
of innocent people.

The people of Europe and America are paralyzed with ambivalence.

No reaction occurs. No effective organ of outrage or countervailing
force is brought into existence. An outright genocide against white Africans
and their culture can continue in peace. White 4-year-olds will be raped
again. They are guilty of being European and (what is worse) Christian.
Their skin is pale; their ancestors were colonizers.

Kill them all! Or shrug and forget about it.

The whites of Africa are gradually being driven from their land, their
country, their homeland. They could have resisted. But now they are like
lambs to the slaughter because the whole white world feels the weight of past
guilt. Colonialism was bad. Let the white Africans pay the price for this
badness. We of Europe and America are liberal now. We no longer care for
our race or culture or heritage. We only live for the present. We only want
to shop.

Let our cousins in Africa suffer. Perhaps this will appease the
righteous indignation of the non-whites.

Here is the logic of the new racism. It is a racism that says white
is bad, non-white is good. Anyone who stands up for white people is
automatically listed with Hitler, who also stood up for white people. The
trick here is “guilt by association” and “guilt by skin color.”

Since 1994 blacks have killed over 1,000 white farmers in South Africa.
Has there been a peep from the white world? Have American blacks complained
about this treatment of a minority population in Africa? Or has a double
standard emerged?

It is an odd thing when humanitarian concern is blotted out by the
fact of skin color. And please note: There is no racial solidarity on the
white side. Or none that amounts to anything. The great white herd, having
liquidated Hitler from its midst, having purged the memory of Nazism and the
colonial past, is now ready to be slaughtered and milked in turn.

It seems that human beings cannot find a middle, reasonable path. We
cannot get rid of racism. Instead, we must supplant one evil for another.
Previously it was the non-whites who suffered. Now we enter an era in which
whites are being tenderized for the spit.

The madness of one form of prejudice never gives way to reason, but
only to another type of prejudice. The same liberals who rant against the
evils of the Dark Ages have paved the way to a new Dark Age.

So let the black Africans exterminate the white Africans. Let an
entire African culture go under. Say nothing, do nothing, go along and get
along. After all, they’re white! They deserve it!

But behind the anti-white campaign is the specter of communism, a
specter that is haunting Africa. It haunts Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe,
Namibia, Congo and yes, South Africa. And behind communism stands the Red
Chinese, the Kremlin, the North Koreans and the Cubans. If you haven’t
noticed, Russian transports fly regularly into the embattled cities of
communist Angola. They are carrying weapons for the communists. The North
Koreans are eyeing the uranium mines of the Congo. The Chinese and Russians
have quietly aligned themselves with the communist-dominated ANC government
of South Africa.

The race card has been played by one side against another in a global
struggle. Today, after playing this card, Western aid will not flow to the
pro-Western side in Africa. The strategic Cape sea route, through which the
Middle East’s oil flows to Europe and America, can now be cut by the growing
South African armed forces, which are now in league with Russia and China.

Are you getting the picture?

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