Editor’s note: Eunice Ray, founder and director of RSVP America, contributed to this report.

Contrary to the love story in the summer box office disappointment “Pearl Harbor,” Tom Brokaw’s description of the love exhibited by “The Greatest Generation,” is very different:

“Faith in God was … part of the lives of the WW II generation,” Brokaw explains. “A sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to honesty is a characteristic of this generation. … It’s how they were raised.”

“Disciplined by their military training and sacrifices. They married in record numbers. … They stayed true to their values of personal responsibility, duty, honor, and faith. … [Those] outside their families reminded them of the ethos of their family and community.”

In 1948 Indiana University zoologist Alfred Kinsey published his first report on human sexuality, and it launched the “sexual revolution” and the “scientific” study of sexuality in America.

Kinsey painted a very different picture of the men who fought for freedom “Over There.” He said 95 percent of them were sex offenders under the criminal laws then. Kinsey advocated laws be changed to legalize the full range of sexual experiences. The only lawful sexual congress at that time was heterosexual coitus in marriage, but sexual revolutionaries targeted the 52 laws protecting marriage, women and children for elimination or penalty reduction. For example, rape was a capital offense in 18 states including Kentucky, but no more. Today a predator who rapes a victim without causing visible bruising or “serious” physical injury, may plead guilty to a lesser crime.

The laws changed and that changed the culture. The Kinseyan “free love” legal and cultural revolution is especially bad news for women. There is a 150 percent increase in out-of-wedlock births to girls under 15 years of age since the 1950s; birthrates for girls 15-19 are up 215 percent; gonorrhea in ages 10-14 is up 200 percent from the 1950s. After 50 years, lawmakers are evaluating the causal factors associated with the skyrocketing costs of sexual disease and dysfunction.

Surgeon General Satcher’s June 2001 report on sexual health carries a grave diagnosis. The reigning Kinseyan-based sexuality field (along with its big-dollar supporter, the pornography industry), desperately hopes to distract federal and state lawmakers, from the massive failures associated with Kinsey’s “anything goes” brand of “safe sex” condom promotion and sex education. But the facts are: Five of the 10 most commonly reported infectious diseases in the U.S. are STDs and 87 percent of cases reported are among those 10. Chlamydia and gonorrhea infections account for 15 percent of cases of infertility in women; 45 million are infected with genital herpes; human papillomavirus (HPV) is responsible for 93 percent of cervical cancer cases with 5.5 million new cases a year killing more women than AIDS.

After years of hearing how “safe” sex is with condoms, on July 20, 2001, the Department of Health and Human Services issued an alarming report by a scientific panel saying there is no scientific evidence that condoms prevent the transmission of most sexually transmitted diseases! Of eight STDs – HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, Chancroid, Trichomoniasis, genital herpes, and HPV – examined by the panel, condoms were not found to provide universal protection against any.

The scientific panel concluded that there was no epidemiological evidence that condom use reduces the risk of HPV infection. The 20 million Americans who are currently infected with genital HPV should know HPV is the cause of nearly all cervical cancer and has also been linked to prostate, anal and oral cancer.

Now the government promise of “safe” sex without disease and dysfunction with condoms is as thin as the latex and doesn’t appear to be possible.

The Surgeon General’s report claims there is no evidence that abstinence works. But, in view of condom failures, abstinence (heterosexual coitus in marriage only) is the only hope. It is what people did before 1950, when laws and public policies protected marriage, women and children. Disease and dysfunction levels then were very low because people said no to promiscuous, anonymous or casual sexual encounters. Like Brokaw said, the “Greatest Generation” made responsible commitments to each other and “married in record numbers.”

Facing a pandemic spread of deadly and life-long sexually transmitted diseases not preventable by condoms or “safe sex,” abstinence carries the only guarantee borne of the American spirit of self-government, discipline and honesty the “Greatest Generation” well understood as they demonstrated the greatest and truest love, laying down their lives for others on the battlefield and at home.

The answer to the STD plague with no cure that wars against this latest generation, as it has with no other, is the same self government which will someday allow our children to say that we retained our virtue and stayed true to the eternal values of “duty, honor and faith,” the source of America’s good health.

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