Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman announced that the non-profit public interest law firm will pursue Osama bin Laden and his and other related terrorist networks through every legal channel available in the United States and internationally. The first step will be to follow the money, “some of which comes from U.S. sources.”

According to Klayman, “All terrorist organizations have to have money, large sums of money, to operate. In the United States, terrorist organizations frequently create phony tax-exempt organizations to raise money to finance their criminal activities. Today, one of the great ironies of the horrific terrorist attack on the World Trade Center is that it may have been financed by ‘tax-exempt’ contributions. The IRS should investigate, audit and shut down these terrorist front organizations. The IRS should no longer turn a blind eye to terrorist money laundering.”

Judicial Watch will file complaints with the IRS seeking to shut down these “tax-exempt” front organizations.

Judicial Watch will also immediately undertake a thorough investigation of any financial holdings in the United States that are linked to the bin Laden financial empire. Klayman said he will utilize the top investigators of Judicial Watch and informants who have and will come forward.

Judicial Watch also stands ready to legally assist the terrorists’ victims and the victims’ families concerning last week’s activities.

Russell Verney, Judicial Watch national adviser and head of its Southwestern Regional Headquarters, added, “The government is not the only means to hunt down and hold bin Laden and his terrorist comrades accountable. Judicial Watch represents the American people, and we will legally act on their behalf, no holds barred. We are joining this war.”

Judicial Watch conference in 2 weeks

WorldNetDaily Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah will address Judicial Watch’s “Ethics in Government 2001” conference in Miami Oct. 5-6.

Farah joins David Jaeger, the Vatican’s legal counsel for the Holy Land; Judge N. Sanders Sauls, the federal election judge who played a pivotal role in the presidential election recount; David Schippers, House counsel for the impeachment proceedings; and Notra Trulock, former deputy director of intelligence at Los Alamos who blew the whistle on security breaches at the facility.

Information about registration for the conference is available at the Judicial Watch website.

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