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Fight first for freedom ... at home

All Americans across our great nation – be warned – a revolution is under way. We are now entering an era that may produce the greatest violence ever – against our God-given, unalienable rights. Our Constitution is in the cross hairs of so-called patriots who are only trying to “ensure our safety and security.” But how can this be done if we lose everything for which our founding fathers fought?

“Your papers please” are the familiar words of the fascist policeman portrayed in World War II movies. The question strikes terror in the hearts of thinking, freedom-loving Americans. Never in America, we would have said not long ago. But now we are told “everything is on the table.” Or so says Rep. David Dreier, Republican from California. I ask Rep. Dreier: Do I see the Constitution on that table? How about the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights? Shall we place the freedoms our brave soldiers died to protect on this banquet table for tyrants?

Let me say right now that, unlike my sincere friends who oppose our prosecution of the 21st-century “War On Terrorism,” (many do because of the very loss of rights suffered by Americans at the hands of their Congress and chief executive) I am supportive of the so-called war. Why? Because, I understand that Jihad can never be eradicated, only contained – and contain it we must.

Jihad has been waged for 1,300 years! Its first victims were Arabs and, at its height, it was fought in France. If the Jihad in Europe had not been turned back, all of Europe would today be a colony of a Middle Eastern empire. Jihad is imperialist by nature. The goal has always been total world domination. No, it will never happen; but it would if we do not fight. This new war will require our perseverance and many, many people do not believe the American people are up to the task. That may prove to be so, but I pray we will muster the determination of our founders and fight this good fight for religious and political freedom.

With that said, I will make the declaration now that no war is worth the destruction of the rights that God bestowed on every person, no matter their color, their country or their faith. Yes, the European who lives in a socialist state, the Chinese who live in a Marxist state or the Arab who lives in a totalitarian dictatorship all possess these rights as part of the human heritage bestowed upon them by God when He created them in His image. Their governments may usurp, trample and suppress these rights but, nevertheless, they are the rights of all mankind – and the governments which violate them are acting immorally and illegally.

As an American, I was born into a heritage of freedom. That heritage is embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As grand as these documents are – and they are the finest ever written in history – they do not bestow upon me any rights, even one, that I do not already hold.

How is our heritage defined? Am I speaking of democracy? God forbid such stupidity! I was born into a constitutionally limited, federal republic consisting of 50 free and independent republican states. That is our form of government. The principles of our government are sublimely, breathtakingly beautiful. They are the right of the people to self-government. This term is not limited to the political right of the vote or representation or local government. Self-government is the right of governing oneself, which limits the power and scope of civil government in our lives.

You may ask if your unalienable rights can be amended out of the Constitution, and the answer would be a resounding, “No!” I can’t even sever these rights myself! Amend it! Feel free to burn it! But you will not alter truth and justice in the process – they are immutable.

How absurd the proposition of destroying freedom in the defense of freedom. A mere child should eviscerate the irrationality. I am no child, and I will not be enslaved! I call on every man, woman and child: “Resist this tyranny!” We will prevail in this war, but the victory will only be sweet if it is just. Do not become the generation our descendants point to as the cowards who willingly enslaved their children, and their children’s children, for the sham of added security.

I close with my pledge – which you are free to make with me. It is not written by a socialist but by a humble patriot. This pledge is not to a symbol whose meaning can be misconstrued and which can be defaced or destroyed. No, this pledge is to our founding ideals – the rights that can never be destroyed. If a pledge is to mean something, the words should mean something.

“I pledge allegiance to the Declaration and Constitution of the United States of America and to the unalienable rights for which they stand. I will proclaim them, I will defend them, in the name of truth and of justice and of freedom for all. God bless America.”

If you’re with me, tell your congressman, tell the president, tell your neighbors and your friends – then pray.