China’s cooperation with the United States in its war against terrorism comes at a price, say analysts.

It’s part of a long-term strategy to change American policy on Taiwan, according to a report in the South China Morning Post today.

Zhang Mingqing, a spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said yesterday it remained to be seen if the recent attacks would have any effect on U.S. policy on Taiwan, but, according to the report, added, “It should still be examined.”

Speaking after last week’s meeting with Foreign Minister Tang Jiaxuan, U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell said, “There was absolutely no suggestion of a quid pro quo.”

“Through work on more common issues such as the elimination of terrorism, we hope the U.S. can understand Chinese positions which will decrease the possibility of conflict on Taiwan,” said Niu Jun, Chinese diplomacy expert and professor at the Institute of International Studies in Beijing University.

Throughout the terrorism crisis, China has maintained its Taiwan policy of reunification and the threat of military force if Taiwan declares independence.

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