Flash-back from the star-studded September 22 telethon, “America: A Tribute to Heroes,” to my three years in Israel witnessing Arabic hatred of omnipresent Western “entertainment.”

For nary an Israeli or Arab child who paid for candy at the kiosks in Tel Aviv, Haifa, even Jerusalem, could avoid the nude and half-nude women dangling wantonly from glossy American and European magazines, pinned in rows above the head of the perspiring merchant.

Sad to say, Israeli smut peddlers unfolded their graphic “erotic” billboards everywhere, with garish paintings across the top floors of multi-storied buildings at the central bus station.

Arab leaders futilely and resentfully protested to Israeli authorities that the public displays of erotic Western images corrupted the virtue of Arab – and Israeli – youth.

So, it did not surprise that American film and TV studios were recently named as possible targets for terrorist attacks. In fact the “Father of the American Revolution,” Samuel Adams warned that those who would undermine our virtue would destroy our nation and our Liberty:

While the People are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when they lose their virtue they will be ready to surrender their Liberties to the first external or internal invader.

While our press was euphoric over the benevolence of television stations donating two broadcast hours gratis, one skeptic called the show “a hypocritical preemptive strike” to impede the coming backlash against “media pollution which has been spewing smut and violence as daily moral fare.”

The buzz is, she may be right.

The New York Times just reported that the entertainment field is worried and big-dollar disaster films are now on the back burner:

Many in the industry admit that they do not know where the boundaries of taste and consumer tolerance now lie, much less where they will be in a year or two. … The new piety strikes an odd note. … Industries that have robustly defended depictions of mindless carnage or the degradation of women are suddenly drawing the line in seemingly arbitrary ways.

Habitual media sexploitation of American women and children is recorded in lawsuits, congressional hearings, medical and psychological research and in the heart-rending testimonies of appalling copy-cat media crimes.

One prays the telethon successfully raised money for the fallen heroes and their families and that billions more are coming from the prosperous television stations, film studios, artists and performers currently contemplating “taste.”

However, at the time of this writing, ABC, CBS and NBC still plan their frontal attack on American virtue by opening their floodgates this fall to dump as much media sado-sexual pollution as our newly sensitized citizenry will stand without armed revolt.

Just before September 11, Aaron Sorkin, executive producer of the brilliant leftist propaganda series, “The West Wing,” said he’ll have a character “use the Lord’s name in vain.”

How impressive.

Media use of blasphemy, expletives and pornography increasingly mock our nation’s foundations, while the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the agency charged with keeping our publicly owned airwaves virtuous, (as “in the public interest”) refuses to terminate stations violating FCC rules.


Our impotent FCC mollycoddles men like repugnant “shock-jock” Howard Stern who, on air, admonished the Columbine High School killers for not first raping their victims. Just after the September 11 atrocity, sheltered by the FCC, Stern again violated decency laws, solicitation to commit a crime, saying, among other obscenities (my apologies):

New York prostitutes ought to do what everyone else is doing. They ought to donate their services and go down there and give sex to the firemen while they’re digging for bodies.

So, did the two-hour apologia signal the end of the media attack on our national virtue? For example, did Stern’s fellow entertainers demand his station have their broadcast license withdrawn and that he be removed?

Neither the networks hosting the September 22 telethon, nor their glittering stars, nor anyone representing their guild, chose the singularly genuine way they can honor these dead. That is, by ending their decades-long anti-hero, anti-God, anti-American terrorist campaign to establish a libertarian beachhead for pansexual barbarism by driving virtue out of American life.

Media repentance would begin when some or all of the telethon stations and stars who have produced lethal “art,” withdraw their toxic films, TV shows and music, like faulty tires.

Actor Tom Hanks said the benefit was “a simple show of unity.”

“Unity” indeed.

To date, all of the major TV networks and film studios are united in targeting our children at home, in school and in our movie theaters with their scatological, sexual, primal, violent and ignorant programming, awash in betrayal, brutality, treason and terror.

At what cost our virtue? Adams warned the fee would be our Liberty.

E-mail a formal FCC Decency Complaint Against Stations Broadcasting Indecent Material to Chairman Michael K. Powell, or write the FCC at 445 12th St. S.W., Washington DC 20554, or fax to (202) 418-0232.

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