July’s edition of Whistleblower magazine (formerly WorldNet) presents a breathtaking investigative report on the debate between evolutionists and creationists.

Titled “EVOLUTION: The basis of all life, or a fairy tale for scientists who reject God?” – “this issue is a clear, in-depth and, I would say, jaw-dropping report on the all-important issue of the origins of life,” said Managing Editor David Kupelian.

Ironically, while the almost sacrosanct theory of evolution is coming under spectacular scientific assault from every direction, at the same time its adherents have brought about a new censorship movement in America.

  • Roger DeHart, a Washington high school teacher, had been teaching evolution to his 9th- and 10th-grade students for 10 years in the Burlington-Edison School District when a student filed a complaint against him for criticizing Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

    After the American Civil Liberties Union forced the issue, DeHart was muzzled – forced to clear all of his teaching materials with the school board’s curriculum committee. What once was a classroom filled with lively debate over the scientific evidences of evolution versus intelligent design became a near-one-sided lecture promoting evolution.

    “If something in science suddenly becomes so sacrosanct that you can’t question it, then it ceases to be science,” said DeHart. “I don’t even want to teach creationism, I just want to teach the flaws of Darwinism,” he said.

  • Community college instructor Kevin Haley in Oregon was also criticized by other faculty for questioning evolution. New biology textbooks, said Haley, read like “sales pitches” for the theory, rather than a balanced discussion of facts. English major Rebecca Bradford had filed the complaint, saying she felt shortchanged by Haley’s class, and that he subtly undermined the theory of evolution by downplaying information that supports it and emphasizing information that challenges it.

    Haley told WorldNetDaily that, though he does not teach creationism, he is pleased when a student’s doubt of evolution causes the student to look to God as a possible explanation for the origin of life.

  • Like DeHart and Haley, Minneapolis, Minn., high school science teacher Rod LeVake was banned from teaching biology due to his criticism of Darwinism.

    LeVake’s lawsuit against Faribault High School, filed by the American Center for Law and Justice, contends that LeVake, who holds a masters degree in biology education, told his superiors he is not interested in teaching creationism in biology class, but simply wants his students to be aware that not all scientists accept evolution as an unquestionable fact. He wants, said the law firm, to present “an honest look at some of the scientific weaknesses of Darwin’s theory of evolution.”

    The case was scheduled for trial last summer. But then, in June 2000, Judge Bernard Borene of the Rice County District Court granted a motion for summary judgment by the school district and dismissed the suit, saying LeVake had no right of academic freedom and could be forbidden from presenting criticisms of evolution – even “though they may be scientifically meritorious.”

    “This is a case about academic freedom and a desire to present information about the origins of life,” said LeVake lawyer Francis J. Manion. “Teachers must be able to tell students information they need to make up their minds about issues such as evolution. In this case, our client wants to be able to look closely at the theory of evolution and point out flaws concerning Darwin’s evolutionary theory – flaws that are often articulated by other evolutionists. Unfortunately, it appears the school district is determined to censor this teacher because they do not agree with his message,” he said.

Just what are these three dissenters from today’s rigid orthodoxy – and countless other teachers and scientists like them – teaching about evolution that the scientific and educational establishment find so dangerous that they would resort to stifling free speech and discussion about it?

More to the point: Are criticisms of Darwinism really, as its proponents claim, unscientific speculation and religious myths and therefore unworthy of being taught? Or, as proponents of intelligent design allege, are the evolutionists simply unable to withstand any criticism because their widely believed and fiercely protected theory is itself just a fantastic speculation, unsupported by evidence?

“The July issue of Whistleblower Magazine is WND’s best shot at answering these questions,” said Kupelian.

“Readers interested in the subject of evolution vs. intelligent design simply must read this issue,” added Kupelian. “It’s the kind of journalism that actually can change the way people think about the issue.”

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