They’re out in force like maggots on a rotting carcass. It took a massive attack on this country to force them out in the open to spew their hate for the country that allows them the freedom to do so. They take to the air and to print and get their allotted face time on TV to spread their gospel of infamy.

Of course you expect it in places like San Francisco and Berkeley, the home of the “free speech movement” in the ’60s. But as a result of the last 30 years of indoctrination in our schools, the same rhetoric of appeasement rears its ugly head in towns and cities across the country. The words this time come from the younger generations who have been force-fed self-hate in the guise of education.

Our children have been well taught that you don’t fight back; that everyone is absolutely equal on every level; that it is always wrong to judge someone on their actions; that violence is always wrong; that there is no such thing as a bad person; that no one is ever responsible; that nothing and no one is better than another for any reason whatsoever. Such moral relativism is sickening.

Anti-war rallies are hot again and the aging hippies have a chance to relive their youth. Even those, who in the interim cut their hair and walk the walk of mainstream, the veins of treason run deep. And of course, media give them the platform.

Professor Robert Jensen is one. Not only are his words spread in print and on the Internet but he spreads his venom across the airwaves on talk shows which will have them. And they will, for the professor of journalism at the University of Texas in Austin, is all too willing to be heard. His message? The United States is guilty of more than 50 years of terrorism, deliberately targeting civilians. As a result, what was done to us – read that U.S. – on Sept. 11, is no worse than anything else this country has done. In other words, we deserved it and are as bad as the terrorists.

This is not only a man with an ego so large that he will solicit media time and space to spout his version of treason, he also is in the business of instructing young people in journalism. One might say, poisoning their minds – but I wouldn’t want to be inflammatory.

He’s not alone. Richard Berthold, associate professor of history at the University of New Mexico, told his class, “Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon has my vote.” There is pressure to fire him but he has tenure.

What a great country. Parents get to spend thousands of hard-earned, after-tax dollars to have their children indoctrinated by professors like Jensen and Berthold in the hate and derision of their own country.

But is that any worse than the 6th grade teacher in Sacramento, Calif., who burned a flag in the classroom, commenting to the class that “Babylon is burning.”

What about the firemen in Florida who refused to ride on a fire truck flying Old Glory, because to them, Old Glory was offensive? How did they get to believe that?

And the City Manager in Berkeley (of course) who refused to let fire trucks fly the flag during a peace demonstration because he said the trucks might be targets of violence. A peace demonstration getting violent? In peace-loving Berkeley?

Reports abound from schools across the country of children not being allowed to wear patriotic clothing. It violates the dress code, don’t you know.

What about the edicts that some TV news people are not allowed to wear a patriotic lapel pin while on set or on camera? Reuters has decided that the word “terrorism” may not be used because “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” See, we’re all the same.

Bill Maher, a self-styled “political humorist,” got himself into deep doo when he said on his show that the U.S. was cowardly by using cruise missiles but that the terrorists were not cowards because they stayed on the planes to the end!

He tried to be funny or maybe perceptive, but he was stupid; the sponsors and stations which dropped his show were smart. Maher tried hard to say he was misunderstood but only looked scared. Scared about losing his show, no doubt. Get a real job, Bill; you’re not funny, and you’re so PC you glow in the dark.

OK children, let’s learn some words:

    Sedition: Stirring up rebellion against the government.

    Treason: Betrayal of one’s country to an enemy.

By the way, betrayal means to help the enemy of one’s country. In other words, shut up or bear the consequences. Would that we would have the courage to deal out the consequences.

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