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Avenging the flying pigs

WASHINGTON – Many thanks to the more than 600 peace-loving American Muslims who have sent me hate mail – including a dozen death threats – over my Sept. 27 column, “If pigs could fly.” You have helped me gather, effortlessly, valuable intelligence about the mindset of worshippers at the more than 3,000 Islamic centers and mosques across the country.

Islam-Infonet, a news service of the supposedly mainstream Council on American-Islamic Relations, carried my column. Many American Muslims — men,
women; young, old; college students and professionals; almost all of Arab origin — linked to it from there.

Though they hardly represent the views of all the nation’s 6 million or so Muslims, their venomous letters reveal anti-American biases and predispositions that don’t square with the peace-loving and patriotic rhetoric mouthed by Muslim scholars and spokespeople on television.

Here is what I’ve learned:

All this because I proposed a nonviolent (at least to humans) way to quickly win the war on terrorism, one with no risk of collateral casualties to women and children. Pigs may not like it. But, hey, they’re short-timing it anyway with Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching.

You’d think American Muslims would want to avenge the deaths of their 6,000-plus fellow Americans. But they seem more interested in honoring and guarding ancient customs, even on behalf of known terrorists half way around the world.

But America’s security vaporized Sept. 11 with the twin towers, and its wealth and freedom aren’t far behind, thanks to the terrorists who attacked us in the name of Allah.

Will Americans of Islamic faith help us get our security back, or will they secretly sympathize with the jihad waged by the murderous thieves who took it?

It may not be a choice of country over faith, but it most certainly is – like no time since the British terrorized Washington 187 years ago – a matter of patriotism.

American Muslims must ask themselves: Do I love and respect my country?

If the answer is yes, then fight with us for her. If no, stop pretending to love and respect her. Have the courage to publicly renounce your citizenship and join the enemy.

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