Americans never learn. Over the course of history we have been so comfortable in our power that seldom were we ready for a fight when a fight came along. That was the case three times last century – World Wars I and II, and Korea.

As history proved, however, America was no pushover. We may not always see the bogeyman sneaking up on us, but once he gets here, he usually leaves with his hat in his hand and his rear end in a sling.

Most of us were again caught unaware and unprepared Sept. 11, and not just in matters of national security or homeland defense. Psychologically, we were unprepared as well.

Simply put, over the past 30 years or so it seems that America lost all sense of itself. With no new dragons to slay, our nation was reduced to bickering over things only self-serving, mindless and overly-wealthy nations bicker about.

Little held much value for many of us because many of us could have so much whenever we wanted it. Even life lost its sanctity through the horror of abortion.

In that time the leftists in our popular culture, political and educational establishments were convinced we’d become the world’s problem, not the world’s shining beacon on a hill, and became hell-bent on weeding all vestiges of Americanism out of our national psyche.

Our founding fathers had been labeled “extremists.” Our Christianity had been called out of touch and “intolerant.” Patriots were treated as anachronisms while people who criticized this country were touted as “brave” souls who had the “courage” to speak up.

Well, at least, that’s the way it was before Sept. 11 – before 7,000 or more of our countrymen were buried under 220 stories of rubble in New York City, or incinerated within the rings of the Pentagon.

Now, suddenly, it’s “cool” to be patriotic again. You can’t beg, borrow or steal an American flag anywhere – and if our stores ought to be out of anything, it’s good that they’re sold out of every size of American flag.

In seeming defiance of the ACLU, the inscription, “God Bless America,” adorns tens of thousands of public marquees around the country.

Churches are filling up to capacity, as millions of Americans realize that God – not the FBI or CIA – is the ultimate “savior” of our souls. Our president isn’t afraid to mention the Almighty – and coming from him, it sounds genuine, not pained or – worse – rehearsed.

T-shirts with patriotic inscriptions are showing up everywhere. Flag buttons and pins adorn lapels, ties and caps.

Even crime in some of the worst parts of our nation fell during the past three weeks.

Yes, it seems as though patriotism is in vogue again. It’s chic; it’s “happening”; it’s, like, the thing to be, dude.

Some Americans, however, already knew how to be patriotic. To them, patriotism isn’t a response to a disaster. It isn’t a sudden realization of mortality. And it didn’t take a war.

To them, patriotism was – and remains – a natural feeling; something they were born with and will retain, always, regardless of the times our nation faces.

One such American is Steve Vaus.

I met Steve a few years back in Los Angeles, at a WorldNetDaily-sponsored weekend event. Though we’d never met, I sort of “knew” him already; WND promotes him often because he’s “one of us.” And he sort of “knew” me, too, because I work here. We met in the gym of the hotel where we stayed – where real men are supposed to meet – on the Friday before the weekend event.

Didn’t take long to hit it off with him. He’s just that kind of easy-going, stand-up guy. He’s solid, genuine, and unabashed about his love for God and country. Oh, and he’s an incredibly talented singer-songwriter, too.

He’s written many songs, cut many albums, and performed for millions of fans around the world. He has created music for television programs, pro sports teams, the America’s Cup, the Olympics, the World Series and the United States Navy Blue Angels. He has recorded with Willie Nelson, Kenny Loggins, Randy Travis and other superstars. He’s been named an Outstanding Young Citizen, won countless awards, even been invited to sing at the White House.

But because his music hit the scene at a time when it wasn’t very “politically correct” to be an upstanding, vocal, unabashed patriotic American, his well-deserved shot at becoming a world renowned music superstar was taken away. Though he was at one time – in 1992 – signed to a recording contract with RCA Records, music industry executives weren’t very patriotic back then. So they blacklisted him.

Guess there weren’t enough tall buildings or Department of Defense structures being targeted by fanatical madmen back then for his music to “fit in” with the times.

His new song, “There’s An Eagle,” written and performed by the man himself, is not only typically patriotic and American, it is typical Steve Vaus.

And because Americans have shunned – hopefully not temporarily – any semblance of the PC anti-American drivel shoveled by unappreciative elitist types in academia and government; and because of the wondrous technology of the Internet; “Eagle” is being heard by tens of thousands of people who are downloading and listening to it from the Vaus/ website.

Another wonderful thing is happening, too, though. While driving into town the other day, I heard my favorite country music station – a big one at 100,000 watts – play “Eagle” too. So it’s getting heard. It’s getting around.

And it’s about time. For a guy who’s never needed an excuse to be a patriot, it’s about time the rest of the country was privileged enough to engage in the Steve Vaus experience.

Word has it that because of the new popularity of Steve’s song, “There’s An Eagle,” which was written to commemorate and honor those who gave their lives during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on our country, newly patriotic record companies are giving Steve a new look.

Word has it that the more of us that download “Eagle,” either onto our hard drive (that counts for more) or just “download” it into our computer Real Media player to hear it, the better Steve’s chances of getting somewhere in the music business this time around.

Like the genuine patriot that he is, he says God has “cracked open the music industry’s door” one more time. And like the true gentleman that he is, he’s a bit uncomfortable asking for help. So I’ll do it for him.

Go to his website. Download his song, “There’s An Eagle” (it’s already near the top of the charts). Call your local radio stations; have them either contact Steve for a copy of his song (it’s free) or ask them to get one some other way (still free).

Let’s get a real patriot some recognition for a change. He’s been there for his country for years; hopefully his country will now stand by him.

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