In response to its recent reporting on Islamic terrorism, WorldNetDaily has become the target of death threats, lawsuit threats, and an ongoing campaign of intimidation against its advertisers and business partners.

Since Sept. 11, and its monthly print magazine, Whistleblower, have featured in-depth coverage of the militant Islamic threat to America, including the presence within the United States of radical Muslim individuals and organizations with ties to known terror groups.

From the beginning, WND has made a clear distinction between peaceful, law-abiding Muslims and terrorists. Indeed, in the November edition of Whistleblower, titled “JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America,” Managing Editor David Kupelian states up-front:

    Without question, there are a great many law-abiding and peaceful practitioners of Islam in the U.S. and around the world. Islam is not monolithic, any more than Christianity is. And just as Christians would not want to have violent or criminal acts perpetrated by members of the Aryan Nations, Christian Identity or other nominally “Christian” groups blamed on Christianity, moderate Muslims understandably don’t want to be tarred with the terrorist brush.

    Indeed, if anything is agreed upon in this difficult time, it is that America must not unnecessarily blame or punish innocent, law-abiding Muslims or Arabs in the pursuit of terrorists, their co-conspirators and supporters.

While WND’s comprehensive coverage of the radical Islamic threat has elicited praise from many quarters, it has also drawn considerable fire from Muslim groups and individuals.

“Maybe we could grind up your filthy, pathetic body and feed it to the pigs before we send them to the Muslims,” is how Muhammad Khan responded to WND Washington bureau chief Paul Sperry after publication of his column, “If pigs could fly.” “You should watch your back from now on. Maybe these ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ could come after you and your family.”

Zaafir Mahdi wrote to Sperry: “Since you are a swine, we will cut you open and drain you of blood, and then the U.S. military can use that if they wish.”

Other responses to Sperry’s column: “I’m surprised that such an anti-Muslim lives. Now you know what needs to be done to anti-Muslims. They deserve to die.” And this one: “No Muslim would mind to kill a bastard like you.”

While there have been thousands of angry e-mails, most have been just that. However, there have been many bona fide death threats (not reproduced here) that have been turned over to the FBI.

Campaign targeting advertisers

Calling WND a “hate-filled web site,” John M. Janney, president of Muslims Against Defamation,” has sent the following e-mail message to WorldNetDaily’s advertisers:


    DATE: 08-OCT-2001

    (See example letter below)

    Dear Advertiser,

    I am concerned about your support for, a web site that regularly publishes hate articles about Muslims and Arabs in America and around the world. Since the terrible tragedy on September 11, there has been nearly 1,000 hate crimes reported against Muslims, Arabs and other individuals who are mistaken to be Muslims or Arabs. In America, it should not matter where you came form — we are all equal under the law.

    However, the hatred that promotes only stirs a frenzy against the Arab and Muslim community in America. This is wrong and your support of this hate-filled web site is wrong too. Please stop supporting hate speech.


    [your name here]

    Please see the following examples (these are only a few of many such articles):

    JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America
    Special issue to focus on most dangerous movement in the world

    “In response to the acts of war perpetrated on American soil by Islamic militants, WND is devoting the next issue of its popular monthly magazine, Whistleblower, to the incendiary topic of Islam.”

    Radical Islam’s phony patriotism

    While President Bush – and now, Oprah – continue to paint a rosy picture of the American-Arab Islamic community, this picture is not entirely accurate.

    (promoted by WND)

    ‘The Sword of Allah’

    Learn what’s behind the fastest growing religion on the planet

    In his comprehensive discussion, Missler covers the origins of Islam, the nature of the religion and the disturbing commands given to Muslims in the Koran.

    “Fight and slay the pagans (infidels) wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war.” –Quran, Sura 9:5

    Says Missler, “Do not despise Muslims, but fear the implications of this occultic religion.”

As a result of the Muslims Against Defamation campaign, WND’s advertisers are receiving communications such as this one:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The WORLDNETDAILY.COM is using all of its power to bash Islam and muslims. Their writers and columnists do not have any understanding whatsoever.
    Everyone in the world with even half a brain understands that the act of one does not represent group, society, and in particular a religion. but , I will tell you that this organization (WORLDNETDAILY.COM ) gets paid to bash Islam. I do kindly request and ask that you take your business to different organization that respect the religion of God. If we allow them to bash Islam , they will expand their evil work against christianity and other groups.

    thanks much,


Another wrote this to the newssite’s advertisers, while also threatening to sue WND:

    Dear Advertiser,

    Being a Muslim American I would like to point out that Worldnetdaily is spreading Islamophobia. After Sept.11 Muslim/Arab American’s (christians and muslims both) are being constantly attacked and being harassed in the media unfairly. We all are Americans. I am personally thinking of suing them for spreading hate and contributing to the Islamophobia prevalent today. Worldnetdaily is among the most prominent of Islamophobic media outlets, please don’t support them by advertising on the page.


    Adil Aquil-ur-Rehman

Janney has also attempted, unsuccessfully, to intimidate American Eagle, which provides technical support to WorldNetDaily, into ending its relationship with the newssite. “Although they strive to appear as a news site, this is clearly a hate site,” wrote Janney. Others have also written to American Eagle, urging the Internet design and hosting company to end its business relationship with WND.

Even before the Sept. 11 terror attacks on New York and Washington by Islamic radicals, WorldNetDaily CEO and Editor Joseph Farah, himself an Arab-American, has been a target of often-virulent attacks due to his ground-breaking columns and news stories on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

His columns, including “Myths of the Middle East” and “More myths of the Middle East,” caused an international firestorm when published a year ago. In fact, Tom Rose, publisher of the Jerusalem Post, wrote at the time that Farah’s writings were dominating talk radio in Israel and had turned his country “upside down.”

As a result of just one column last October, Farah received 11 death threats that were turned over to the FBI.

“The militant Islamic threat to America is real. September 11 made that clear,” says Farah in response to the current attacks on the newssite. “We are very proud of the coverage WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower magazine have done, and will continue to do, to expose this threat completely, truthfully and accurately.”

Editor’s note: The current issue of Whistleblower, WND’s monthly print magazine, is titled “JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America,” and features an in-depth report on Islamic fanaticism within the United States. Subscribe to Whistleblower magazine.

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