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WorldNetDaily is offering a free copy of “Target the West: Terrorism in the World Today” – the terrorism primer by one of the world’s foremost experts, Yossef Bodansky – to all new 2-year subscribers to Whistleblower magazine.

The current (November) issue of Whistleblower, WorldNetDaily’s popular and power-packed monthly magazine, takes on Islamic terrorism, as well as the worldwide, militant totalitarian movement that spawns, fuels and, increasingly, enshrines terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

Titled “JIHAD: The radical Islamic threat to America,” it explores this explosive topic in a dramatic and definitive way.
It includes insider reports on the history of Islam; Christian persecution throughout the Islamic world; the widespread recruitment of youthful suicide bombers – how it’s done; Osama bin Laden’s plan to take over Saudi Arabia; a major expose of Yasser Arafat as the father of modern terrorism; America as a haven for terrorists; America’s militant Islamic lobby; how Islamic moderates are silenced; and much more.

Next month’s issue, December, promises to be “one of the most inspiring editions of any publication you’ve ever read,” says Editor and CEO Joseph Farah. In a word, this extraordinary Christmas issue will be all about God, and particularly about the profound changes the war with militant Islam is having on America’s national soul.

Then, January’s edition will take a comprehensive, inside look at perhaps the most important issue facing Americans today – homeland security. Our exclusive report will comprise a virtual blueprint for safeguarding the U.S.A. from future terror.

Each monthly issue of Whistleblower (formerly “WorldNet”), focuses on one “big-issue” topic of major interest to our readers. Recent editions of Whistleblower included:

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