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Search for truth

Editor’s note: This is Kyle Williams’ debut commentary for WorldNetDaily. You can find his column here each Saturday and Sunday, exclusively on WorldNetDaily.

All over the United States, all over the world – everywhere – you can find newspapers, religions, priests, parents and politicians claiming to know the truth about issues, problems or facts. Everyone is out looking for the truth, and a lot are out there claiming to know the truth: Television shows, radio shows, Internet websites, commentary articles and newspaper stories sway public opinion.

Look back to the book of Genesis in the Bible and see how the serpent deceived Eve into eating the fruit – which had terrible consequences. Alternatively, look back to the 1930s, when Adolf Hitler began to rise to power. He brainwashed people into his regime and quickly rose to the highest position in Germany. That single man created one of the bloodiest wars in all of history, because people did not know the truth.

However, along with the subject of truth, there are also issues of honesty, integrity and character – all of which we need in our political and religious leaders, teachers and parents. I believe that an honest man will refuse to lie, steal or deceive in any way. To be honest is to have an upright character – this is something that is extremely lacking in our society today. Integrity is especially lacking in our government. A man with integrity is someone who has sound convictions and moral values. Last, I look at character: Merriam-Webster’s dictionary says, “[A man with character is someone with] moral excellence and firmness.”

The truth is something that is essential in our society today … and lacking. The founding fathers of this great nation believed that only men with high moral character, integrity and honesty should hold the presidency or any other public office. John Adams, the nation’s second president, said, “Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

This week, I asked five people how they could tell if someone was not telling them the truth or the whole truth. I got five answers back saying they could not. I also asked the same five if they trusted the media in telling them the whole truth and not fabrications. I got five answers back saying they did not trust the media. In addition, I asked them if they believed the politicians and the now-elected officials in public office. Some said it depended on the party, some said it depended on the person, and one stated, “50-50.”

One word comes to mind: vulnerability. If the citizens of America rely on the biased media and politicians, with their own agenda, that leaves us extremely vulnerable.

It’s a perfect example of the boy who cried wolf. If, for example, you lie to your friend and he becomes aware it was a lie, your friendship is over, or that trust you once had is gone. However, we can’t leave the media; we rely on them to give us the news, and there aren’t any other options.

When Pilate was judging Jesus, Jesus said, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” “What is the truth?” Pilate asked. Little did he know that the truth was standing right before him. Sometimes the truth is standing right before us, and we cannot even see it because the person telling it is biased or not telling the real story.

I try to cut through the rhetoric and get the real story. My column title, “Veritas,” is Latin for “the truth.” This is my area not only to voice my opinion, but to try my best to get to the truth. This is also a column where you can have a unique view from an aware 12-year-old.

Growing up in a family that is anchored, that taught me right from wrong and good moral values, I am thankful. I base my values on what my parents taught me, as well as the Bible. I have a God-given talent, and I am using it to the best of my ability.

I picked the name Veritas, because I feel that in the world there is a lot of deceit, especially when it comes to handling the news. I want the real story – I always have, and I always will.