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I love America – do you?

I love America.

I love every concept the Statue of Liberty stands for – that individual liberty is held above the objectives of government – that, as Washington and Jefferson said, America imparts good will toward all and threatens no one – that this country is so big-hearted and prosperous it can welcome people from all over the world fleeing oppression or poverty.

I love the Bill of Rights – the most noble document ever written to define the limits that government should obey.

I love the concepts of free speech, absolute privacy and religious freedom embodied in our traditions and our Constitution.

I love the rule of law – the right of accused persons to confront their accusers, the right to an attorney, the right to remain silent, the right to refuse admission to government officials wanting to enter your home or office.

These are just some of the things that have made America unique in the history of the world. They are a direct cause of America’s prosperity, of our security, of what makes America attractive to so many would-be immigrants.

The “hate America” crowd

Unfortunately, too many Americans seem to have little love for that America.

They are quite willing to throw away the concepts I’ve described – in order to satisfy a lust for revenge against the September terrorists.

They’re willing to abandon our cherished liberties – giving the government the power to do anything it wants. They assume – falsely – that such invasions of liberty and privacy won’t affect themselves, even though the history of government demonstrates that what’s applied against suspected terrorists today will be applied against innocent Americans tomorrow.

They’re willing to abandon free speech – wanting to shut up those who don’t join in the rah-rah cheering as President Bush abandons the essence of what made America unique and great.

They’re willing to abandon the rule of law and transform America into a police state – where any law-enforcement agency, military court or intelligence agency can act as prosecutor, judge and jury to decide your future.

They’re willing to let innocent Americans die – by encouraging our government to bomb innocent foreigners at will, almost guaranteeing that there will be further terrorist attacks against us.

They’re willing to continue transforming what was once a worldwide love of America into a hatred for America – caused by the correct perception that American presidents believe they can force any foreign nation to do their bidding.

They make no objection when congressmen pass bills – without reading them first or having any idea what’s actually in them – bills that take away your liberties, pile more government debt on your family, and give the president the power to do whatever he wants, as though he were a Roman emperor.

Words and deeds

These people may not actually hate America. They may even profess to love America, but they show no understanding of what made America the precious nation it is. Here is what some of their sentiments amount to:

Those aren’t the sentiments of people who recognize what made America the most attractive place on earth to live. But in the supreme irony, these people label those who protest against the destruction of American ideals “America-haters.”

Where do you stand?

Do you love America?

If so, isn’t it time you spoke out on behalf of America – before the president and Congress take away the rest of what made this the land of the free?

Or are you just as happy to see America transformed into one more bureaucratic warrior state, like so many of those in Europe and Asia?

I love America – the one symbolized by the Statue of Liberty – the America that was the beacon of liberty, providing light and hope and inspiration to the entire world. I want that America back.

The war-mongers may say they’re patriotic Americans, but they’re willing to discard everything unique about America in order to satisfy their lust to avenge the September tragedy.

The desire for revenge is understandable. But the rush to permanently abandon the wonders of America to satisfy a temporary rage is not.