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Have we leaned nothing from history? Have we not learned nothing good can come from appeasing tyrants? That is what the world did with the Nazis prior to World War II. They tried to appease them, hoping they would stop. Are radical Muslims that much different from the Nazis in their hatred of the Jews? Does the American public actually believe that a totalitarian state called Palestine, which still teaches hatred and murder of the Jews, and is next door to the only Western democracy in the Middle East, will solve anything?

It is ironic that all of this rhetoric is happening during a week when the Torah reading is about the passing-on of the selection (by God) of Abraham to his grandson Jacob. The dream that Jacob has when he sleeps atop Beth El is where God reassures Jacob that he has indeed been selected by God to receive (through his descendants) the promises to Abraham. The place of Jacob’s dream is none other than the Temple Mount itself.

President George W. Bush is supposed to be a devout Christian! Biblical Christians are now starting to wonder just what kind of Christian is he? Does he believe the Bible, or not? Also, the Jewish people in the United States are now supposed to be in favor of a Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza (i.e., according to the polls). So, what’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing actually! Things are all working out according to the plan that was mentioned in the Bible. All nations will eventually come against Israel! All of what is going on right now is a kind of posturing … so that the U.S. government has a valid reason (in its mind) for coming against Israel some day. This will happen when the demands for appeasement of violence and terrorism have gone too far, and Israel stands firm. It must happen at a time when the American public (and this includes American Jews) somehow have become convinced that the Israelis are standing in the way of peace for the Middle East by not giving up biblical, Jewish lands in exchange for an elusive peace. (That is a lie anyway, since the radical Muslims and the terrorists have vowed to never give in to having a secure and lasting peace with the state of Israel.)

So, there will need to be a certain amount of social conditioning of the American population. Similar to what happened to the German population by the Nazi regime. Only this time, the U.S. government has an additional weapon against Bible-believing Christians that the Nazis didn’t have almost 60 years ago: the ability to destroy most of the biblical opposition, legally!

Most churches and synagogues over the past 30 years have been convinced by well-meaning attorneys and accountants to become 501(c)(3) contractual federal entities. Even though, under the Constitution, all religious entities were never required to do this.

There are three strings attached to this federal “contract” (and ask your attorney if you don’t believe me). They are: 1) a limit on the amount of contributions that the tax exempt entity may make to a political action committee, 2) no ability to try and influence the outcome of elections from the pulpit and 3) no ability to try and influence matters of “public policy” either.

All the federal government has to do is to make their foreign policy a matter of public policy in this country, and then the church/synagogue would not be allowed (by contract) to speak out against this public policy. Or, they may potentially face the IRS coming down on them for a violation of their “contract” with the federal government, as a tax-exempt entity. They may also be told that not only have they lost their tax-exempt status, but that they now owe back taxes for all those years that they were in existence as a 501(c)(3) contractual entity.

The way to avoid this problem is to dissolve one’s federal contract and then either become an unincorporated church/synagogue or become a Corporation Sole state statutory entity. I provide “spiritual counseling” to religious groups today on these issues as a part of my own Corporation Sole religious and charitable work.

God tested the patriarchs, matriarchs and prophets for their loyalty (and obedience) to Him, as opposed to a loyalty to the world’s rulers. Does anyone really think that it will be any different in the so-called “last days,” before the coming of King Messiah? There’s going to be a line drawn into the sand as to whether people are going to obey God or men (see Acts 5:29).

“… but the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable (or without repentance),” according to Romans 11:29. And the land of Israel was a gift to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob (i.e., the nation of Israel, which was formed at Mount Sinai by God). And the Torah is their “national constitution.” All of what’s happening today will bring Jews back to the Covenant, gentile Christians back to a contextual understanding of the Nazarene Texts (NT) and all the nations of the world to a more authentic understanding of the God of the Bible. And for that, we can truly be thankful!

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