Despite new measures to secure the safety of commercial air travel in the United States, an agency of the federal government continues to sell an easily concealable fake silver dollar that includes a double-bladed hidden knife.

The item, offered by the U.S. Mint, is available via the Internet. It can likely slip past an airport metal detector when concealed with other coins in a coin purse. According to the Mint’s online catalog, the coin “features a hardened steel pocket knife mechanism that opens on either side to reveal a knife blade and nail file.” The item is even antiqued to give it an “aged” appearance.

For just $75, an online shopper can purchase this government-sanctioned secret knife and can even have it shipped overnight. The weapon weighs approximately one ounce and is the same size as a 1997 United States silver dollar. It comes in a black velvet box and is “guaranteed for one year against any manufacturing defect.”

The government website selling the item has no warning about taking the weapon onto an airplane, nor does it indicate that airport security have been alerted to the existence of such weapons.

In addition to selling the concealable coin-knife, the Mint sells a police shoulder patch that “bears the original 1780 Treasury seal.” Someone wishing to impersonate a U.S. Mint police officer could acquire the patch online for just $8.95.

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Evan F. Nappen is a defense attorney in Eatontown, N.J., whose area of concentration is gun, knife and weapon law. His website is

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