Prudence Calabrese may not be a soldier in the regular sense of the word, but the FBI and CIA are reportedly hoping her psychic warriors can help prevent future terrorist attacks.

Calabrese’s company, TransDimensional Systems, employs 14 remote viewers and says the government has contracted with her to bolster the agency’s more traditional investigative methods.

Remote viewers claim to be able to visualize events occurring in distant places by using higher or paranormal powers they say are inherent in all humans.

Remote viewing involves a “receiver,” who visualizes a particular object anywhere in the world and, with the help of a “monitor,” describes that item and its perceived location. That information is said to be useful in then determining the actual location of the item.

The U.S. government has a long history of promoting and funding paranormal operations in such programs as the Stargate Project.

That CIA psychic-spy program headquartered at the Stanford Research Institute in California was shut down in 1995.

According to the London Sunday Times’ Nov. 11 report on remote viewers’ being recruited by the U.S. government, the FBI and CIA, though admitting to advising their investigators to “think outside of the box,” would not confirm publicly that they are actively seeking help from psychics or remote viewers.

Calabrese cited confidentiality requirements in working for the government as preventing her from providing specific information about her work for intelligence agencies.

As for her view of psychic phenomena in general, Calabrese was resolute.

“It’s part of who everyone is, whether they realize it or not. It probably contributes more to how society works than many psychologists and sociologists would want to admit. We use our intuition – gut reactions, ‘vibes’ about people and places – all the time to make important decisions in our personal and professional lives. Leaders of all kinds rely even more than the average person on their intuition and also on their ability to influence people by means of what people often refer to as their ‘aura’ of leadership,” she said.

Asked why Stargate was terminated, Calabrese offered this take: “Stargate was just one name given to the project that the government was involved in. In previous incarnations, it was called, among other things, Grillflame and Scanate. The overall remote viewing program was officially disbanded in 1995. At this time, many of the members of the current unit were reaching retirement age, so there was a danger of this method leaking out, which could be potentially embarrassing for the government. In response to these circumstances, the CIA released a paper called the AIR Report by Edwin C. May, Ph.D., which explained that though there was an observable phenomenon, it was not reliable enough to continue using in intelligence work.”

Tal Brooke, president of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, a Berkeley research organization and think tank, understands the government’s attraction to using psychic spies: “It’s a no-brainer for the CIA to use them. These psychic spies presumably can go where no spy has gone before and leave no footprints. The CIA are opportunists, so they say, ‘If it works, do it.'”

Brooke added, however, that remote viewing is definitely occult.

“The Old Testament says this is anathema. The New Age movement uses new terms for mediumship, [but] this got Saul into trouble in the Old Testament story.”

Brooke added, “Remote viewers are not always accurate. For example, Ed Dames [a well-known teacher and practitioner of remote viewing] predicted that by this date, there would be worldwide financial collapse. That turned out to be false. Dames also claimed that we would see cannibalism in Eastern Europe. That also never happened.”

“The bottom line,” said Calabrese, “is that [the government intelligence agencies] know it is a cheap and effective intelligence tool, and they, at the very least, can back it up with intelligence gained in the field by conventional means. At this moment in history, it is important to use every tool to combat the terror threat. I think that many in law enforcement and investigation are now willing – when they were not before Sept. 11 – to leave no investigative stone unturned.”

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