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Beyond the veil

Nobody knows what the next stop will be on the president’s Anti-Terrorism
Express. There’s certainly no shortage of candidates: Iraq, Sudan, Yemen,
Somalia, Syria, Lebanon or Iran – Islamofascists every one of them.

Among this rum crew is the world’s only society where it’s still possible to make a
fortune in the slave trade (Sudan); two societies run by murderers so brutal
that even Hitler would have been proud to call them “my boys” (Hussein of
Iraq and Asad of Syria); two societies so retrograde that their women are
forced to wear beekeeper outfits and the clergy run Inquisitions 24-7 that
would have made Torquemada gasp with delight (Iran and Yemen); finally, there
is Lebanon, whose main foreign policy goal is defending the legitimacy of
Hezbollah, a delightful children’s group that promotes the growth and
development of young people mainly by encouraging them to mingle with
Israelis of their own age before blowing themselves up with explosives tied
around their waists.

But whatever this country’s next target is, I think that we need to
consider not only the terrorism they wreak on us, but also the terrorism
they inflict on their own citizens. For example, nothing warmed my heart
more than the scenes of Afghan women burning their Burkas or music,
television and movies being heard or seen once again in the streets and
theaters of Kabul. The Afghan government is even taking women out of the
street and the Taliban brothels and putting at least three in the government
set to take power in just two days.

It is this that America will be remembered for in the Middle East: Not the
campaign against terror, but the fact that in the process, we liberated
millions from the Islamofascist terror. Consider what, in the name of Islam,
has been done to women – one half of the populations of the target countries.

Forget Burkas and the execution of women in the Kabul soccer stadium.
Rumors are now swirling that thousands of Afghan girls were kidnapped from
their homes and sent either to Taliban brothels or sold to wealthy Arabs as
sexual slaves and the money used to finance al-Qaida and the Taliban. But
this is nothing new to Islamofascism. For years, Christians in Sudan – especially women and girls – have been enslaved, sold and brutalized by their
Islamic neighbors.

Even a so-called secular state like Iraq is not exempt. It has been
reliably reported that Saddam Hussein, paranoid about the possibility of
contracting a sexually transmitted disease, actually uses his security
service to force virgin Iraqi women to sleep with him or face death.

In states like Iran and Yemen, if women are not whores, they become property,
to be shrouded in public and hidden at home, removed from the “temptations”
of men – men, who in these societies, are somehow never removed from the
temptation of anything, but are free to roam like tomcats.

And tomcats they are. Consider what in Western society was condemned
centuries ago, but is today practiced throughout the Arab world – polygamy.

In Islamofascist states, where men control everything, a man can take two,
three or more wives. But if a woman takes more than one man, she’s liable to
wind up on the wrong end of a pile of stones in a public square somewhere or
in the middle of the desert with a bullet in her head.

Don’t think that this stuff just happens in places most people couldn’t find on a map. Recently in Cleveland, Ohio, a Palestinian Arab father murdered his teen-age daughter for the crime of dating – and then mounted as a defense that it was the law of
Allah that made him do it! That might fly in Tehran or Yemen, but, fortunately, it doesn’t work over here.

Remember the “Arab Street” that was supposed to riot day and night in
protest of U.S. actions in Afghanistan? You know, the popular uprisings that
were supposed to topple friendly governments, produce instability and lead
to more wars? Would you like to know why it never happened? Because while
“The Street” may hate Israel, distrust us, and have more than their share of
complaints against the West, they saw the scenes of liberation in
Afghanistan just like everybody else. And there is something that “The
Street” (especially its female pedestrians) wants more than it hates about
us – freedom.

Freedom from sick tyrants, mad mullahs and corrupt princes.
Freedom from the year 1320, or whatever they think the date is in some of
these places. And freedom especially for the women, the long-suffering
women, who are forced to beg, whore and hide themselves and who then are
told by the men who force them, “But we do this for you!”

While President Bush rids the world of terror, he may just become the most
famous women’s libber of all time.

Fine by me. As a good but practical liberal, I’m for any port in a storm.