It’s all about a little baby whose life was saved even before he was born.

The pre-born child’s mother was very young – and single. She was a pregnant teenager. Of course, we know now that the conception was Divine. But very early in her pregnancy, only Mary knew the baby was of God.

Joseph, her fianc?, at first thought she had become pregnant by another man. Joseph must have been devastated. I’m sure he was both furious and heart-broken at the evident betrayal by the woman he loved.

He probably also felt like killing her, which would have been an acceptable choice during the time in which they lived. What man would not have been overcome by a combination of anger, anguish and sorrow in such circumstances?

Yet, Joseph decided to deal with the matter privately and quietly. He would, in the midst of his grief, end the relationship in a manner that would protect both Mary and the child she was carrying. The law and culture of the time allowed for a pregnant woman and her illegitimate, pre-born baby to be stoned to death. But this was not an option for Joseph. The merciful, compassionate and unpopular decision to save the lives of both the woman and her unborn baby was made by a man who, in his understanding at the moment, had been betrayed, cheated, shamed and heart-broken. This selfless, life-giving decision was made in a culture that provided men the “choice” to kill both mother and child.

It was a man – a man who defied popular thought, a man who found strength to move beyond his own anger and heartbreak, that saved the life of the unborn baby who is the Messiah.

Today’s culture would tell us that a man has no voice in issues of life or death of a pre-born baby. Not even when the child is his own. The feminist mantra and the lie of the voice of death have been powerful enough to distort the thinking of an entire society.

Our men have lost the ability to save the lives of America’s children.

If one of the foundational truths of modern law is that a man can do nothing to protect his own pre-born child, is it any wonder why we have so many other problems? Is there really any mystery why our culture is fraught with crime, broken families, drug abuse and sexually transmitted diseases? If we’ve perverted the truth so much that there are actually laws which give mothers the right to kill their children, while denying the right of fathers to save them, is it any wonder that our “solutions” to social problems are chaotic and doomed to fail?

The Bible gives us a historical hero on issues of pre-born life – a bold, selfless example to follow. And remember, the baby wasn’t even his baby. Joseph set aside his honor, emotions and heart-break to save the life of a pre-born child that he believed to belong to another man. And the result was the birth of the Savior of mankind.

If America’s men are to save our country, they must first be able to save our children. Our righteous men must be courageous, and bold, and selfless, and merciful, and compassionate on the issues of life. If men will follow the example of Joseph, we can end the scourge of legal abortion that is destroying both the lives of children and the soul of our nation.

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