Just as President George W. Bush gave final approval for granting permanent normal trade status to communist China, Harry Wu, perhaps the world’s leading human rights dissident, strongly criticized the United States for what he considers inconsistent Western policies in dealing with dictatorships.

“What is America’s China policy? The Americans and Europeans have an interesting idea – the idea that money can free the people oppressed by a totalitarian regime. The idea goes like this: ‘If we invest in the Chinese communist dictatorship, then soon they will be a thriving capitalist society and a democracy,'” Wu told WorldNetDaily in an exclusive interview.

“We need to re-examine the policies of the Cold War in regard to Cuba and the Soviet Union. We also had sanctions against apartheid South Africa – a pro-Western, anti-communist ally – because of human-rights problems. Before he left office, former President Clinton applied sanctions against the Burmese fascist dictatorship. If money can indeed change totalitarian societies, then we should re-examine our policies towards Cuba and Iraq.”

Speaking specifically about the European Union’s announcement that it was creating a “fund” to assist with human-rights issues inside China, Wu said, “I don’t think much of this action by the EU. The fund plans to train wardens and judges who serve the Chinese dictatorship. During World War II, did we train wardens and prison guards where the Nazis kept Jewish prisoners? No, the West never did this. During the Cold War, did we train Soviet wardens who ran the gulags? So then why train wardens running the logai prison system?”

Wu – who spent 20 years in a Chinese slave-labor camp – is not convinced that the West’s business relations with China are leading the communist regime towards the path of democratic capitalism.

“When I talk to Western businessmen about their dealings with China, I raise what I feel are several important issues. First, business is not a charity. I tell Western businessmen, ‘You are making money dealing with China.’ From my view, Western business offers a blood transfusion of money to the Chinese government,” Wu said.

“When I went to Vladivostok, the Russian Pacific port, I saw many missile destroyers lined up on the docks. This was good, right? Russia is changing; they agree to dismantle the ABM treaty and lower their levels of nuclear warheads. But recently, Russia received an order from the communist dictatorship in China to buy two destroyers, destroyers that were designed by the Soviet Union to attack and defeat the U.S. Pacific fleet. Now let me get this straight. You have two communist dictatorships – one was the Soviet Union and now, communist China. Today, Russia’s government has no money. The other, China, has lots of money. Russia has no money because of her socialist economic system. China has lots of money to buy weapons because of her trade with Western businessmen. This is crazy.”

Wu said he wants Americans to think hard about China’s weapons purchases from Russia.

“The Chinese military is using our money to buy weapons – submarines, ICBMs and fighter jets. Imagine what the PLA will have ten years from now. Chinese spies are all around America, especially Washington, D.C. The PLA has stolen all kinds of equipment from America, including night-vision scopes. The FBI and CIA know this. It is an open secret.”

Wu said in no uncertain terms that America and the West are “supporting the Chinese military machine.”

“The majority of money from trade and investment with the West is not going to better the lives of ordinary Chinese citizens. Rather, the majority of the money is going to the Chinese government in order to upgrade their military,” Wu said.

“China is the financier of most of America’s enemies, including North Korea, Iraq, Libya and Iran. China is also building a new naval base in Burma and has expanded her reach into South Africa, the Panama Canal, close to the Suez Canal in Sudan and also into the Bahamas.”

Speaking of the inherent weakness of the communist system, Wu said, “This system cannot better the lives of the ordinary citizen. Cuba, North Korea and Eastern Europe all demonstrate this fact. But the communist leaders in China are doing pretty good for one reason – our money, which we use to feed them from our own pockets. It will take at least five or six decades of capitalism in China to create the middle class necessary to bring about a transformation to democracy.

“The West has invested $360 billion in China in recent times. This money has been used by the communist dictatorship in Beijing to buy off dissidents and fund terrorists around the world. The Chinese problem for the West is no different than the problem with the Soviet Union. People ask me, ‘Why didn’t people in America speak out about our business dealings with communist China?’ I must answer, ‘Former President Clinton wanted to find financial resources for his re-election from the Chinese dictatorship.'”

According to Wu, there can be no doubt that America’s embrace of the communist dictatorship in Beijing as an “ally in the war against terrorism” is a mistake that will haunt the West for generations to come.

“China claims that her cracking down on Islamic separatists in the western regions is a part of the West’s war on terrorism. This is simply not true. I think it is clear that those seeking autonomy in western China are just like the Tibetans,” Wu said.

“Muslims in western China are looking out for their own future. The U.N. Human Rights Declaration and the basic human rights of the so-called ‘separatists’ must be considered. China’s government calls them ‘splitists.’ The communist dictatorship in Beijing is using their military force – applying killing, torture – against them. If the Muslims in western China want to pick up weapons to fight against the Chinese dictatorship, well, this is not terrorism.”

Wu said that there were, however, complications with the involvement of both China’s government and Muslim separatists with the now-vanquished Taliban in Afghanistan.

“To be fair, there are some Chinese Muslims involved in this war in Afghanistan,” Wu added.

Concerning the issue of the rapid growth of AIDS in China, Wu described this phenomenon as a “moral” problem.

“After the communists took over mainland China, moral standards were destroyed. Prostitution took root. Almost no one cared about moral standards – now there are no moral controls,” Wu told WorldNetDaily.

“AIDS is really growing in Hunan province. There are a lot of blood transfusions going on in government hospitals. People in rural regions are so poor. My friend lives in a small village in this province. Her neighbor became the richest person in this particular town almost overnight. Why? It was because they were donating blood at a local government hospital. Soon this rich family had a nice home with a roof made of ceramic tile. Later the parents and son in the rich family died of AIDS. They contracted it from tainted equipment at the hospital. Now the house is filled with weeds and rats.”

Wu added, “The Chinese government isn’t ready to do anything about AIDS. They feel they don’t have enough money for doctors, drugs and treatment.”

Wu believes the growth of the Internet and the use of e-mail in China are positive signs.

“Inside China, people get their news and information from the radio, newspapers and television. I would say the Internet is the No. 4 source for information. It is hard to control the Internet, though China has set up an Internet police force. Let’s assume that there will soon be 50 million Chinese using the Internet. That is still a small number compared to a total of 1.3 billion citizens,” Wu said.

“When sending e-mail to communist China, I still must be careful. I never want to make a problem for the receivers.”

Wu said he is still considered an enemy by the elites ruling in Beijing.

“If I were to go back to China, they would put me right back in jail,” he said. “But I know how to play with the dictators in China. I do what I want to do in regard to China, but not really risky things. I speak on Capitol Hill before Congress on certain China-related issues. I also write and go on the radio on a regular basis.”

Wu explained that he testified before Congress about China’s horrendous record of forced organ harvesting and about China’s “one-child” policy.

“There is one sure way to combat China’s organ harvesting. Stop the Chinese doctors who want to tend to the organ recipients from coming to America. Stop issuing them visas. Put them in jail. They are like Nazi doctors,” Wu said.

“China’s one-child policy leads to gendercide against females. We have no data on national male vs. female ratios for China. However, we have regional data. This data shows 140 males to 100 females. Out of 50,000 orphans recently adopted in America from communist China, 99 percent were females. China will have a shortage of wives in the future.”

Concerning America’s gargantuan importation of Chinese-made products, including toys, Wu said that the “Chinese dissident community wanted to organize a boycott of Chinese-made goods for Christmas 2001, but we just ran out of time.”

“It is impossible to avoid all Chinese-made items,” Wu said. “But toys are different. Christmas gifts are given to express love. But think: Was this toy made by forced labor in a Chinese slave labor factory? If so, then this toy is the product of blood and tears. I would ask Americans to stop buying Chinese toys in order to show love to the Chinese people suffering in forced labor camps and factories.”

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