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WorldNetDaily News Alert

Saturday, Jan. 19, 2002


Dear WorldNetDaily readers,

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* * * * *


Even some of Enron Corp.’s own accountants didn’t see the energy giant’s collapse coming. One former Enron C.P.A. tells WorldNetDaily that her husband wanted to sell the stock after it sank to $35 a share from a high of about $90.

But she protested, saying it would go back up. Lucky for them, her husband won the argument and they sold their holdings for a gain.

* * * * *


Enron had thoroughly convinced local press of its might. The Houston Chronicle in April even called chairman Ken Lay “the envy of Corporate America.”

* * * * *


One who apparently wasn’t taken in by Wall Street hype over Enron was the president. George W. Bush’s 1999 financial disclosures show no direct holdings in Enron stock. He shunned Enron for other energy issues, including Exxon, BP-Amoco and Pennzoil.

* * * * *


WorldNetDaily Washington bureau chief, Paul Sperry, had another run-in with Council on American-Islamic Relations spokesman Ibrahim Hooper in the Fox News greenroom. The two just happened to be making back-to-back appearances again.

This time, Hooper quickly laid into Sperry, loudly recognizing him as “the WorldNetDaily columnist who wants to drop pigs into mosques.”

“Mosques where?” Sperry asked calmly.

“Into mosques,” Hooper said.

“Where?” Sperry persisted.

“Afghanistan,” Hooper finally acknowledged.

“Thank you,” Sperry said.

Sperry got Hooper to admit that the Taliban and al-Qaida were the enemy, and therefore legitimate targets (even in mosques, which they used as weapons and ammo depots and hiding places). Hooper and CAIR initially protested America’s bombing of Afghanistan, and doubted Osama bin Laden was behind the Sept. 11 attacks.

But then Hooper protested, “How would you like it if we used your religion against you?”

“If I killed 3,000 of your people in the name of my religion, I’d think it fair game,” Sperry replied.

Hooper then went into a tirade about WorldNetDaily being “vicious” in its “attacks” on Islam, and singled out columnists Joseph Farah and Debbie Schlussel as being “really vicious.”

“If we’re vicious, we’re vicious for the truth,” Sperry told him. “And these are vicious times, unfortunately.”

Hooper said Schlussel falsely accused him of belonging to a terrorist-sponsoring group to which he says he doesn’t belong.

Sperry suggested he write a letter to the editor correcting the record, if, in fact, it needs correcting.

“What’s the point?” he retorted. “Farah will just twist my words around.”

“Farah keeps spreading lies about Islam,” he added.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Sperry said, “he’s got to be pretty intellectually honest as a Syrian- and Lebanese-American, wouldn’t you think?”

Hooper glared and stormed off.

* * * * *


How much of a role did CAIR have in Secret Service agent Walied Shater’s complaint about being profiled as a Muslim and kicked off an American Airlines flight?

CAIR’s Hooper says both Shater and his seatmate contacted CAIR, Shater first and then the seatmate. He wouldn’t say if the seatmate is also Muslim.

Asked if CAIR’s lawyers are helping Shater’s lawyers in his case, Hooper refused comment. CAIR’s lawyers have helped draft EEOC complaints for Muslims in the past.

* * * * *


Bernie Ungar, the General Accounting Office official leading the investigation into Clinton White House vandalism, says Bush officials chewed him out for talking to WorldNetDaily about problems he’s been having interviewing key Bush staffers since Sept. 11.

Ungar said he was “surprised” at the angry call he got last week from the White House.

“They feel very strongly about this investigation,” he said, apparently even stronger than GAO’s investigation into Vice President Dick Cheney’s secret energy task force.

Read the article here:


* * * * *


Retired colonels in Washington who have gone on Fox as military analysts have recently received death threats from Muslims, sources say, and have demanded that Fox send non-Muslim drivers to ferry them to the TV studio.

* * * * *


WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah said, after reading the Jerusalem Post story at the link below: “I wish I had as much influence on U.S. policy as I seem to have on Israeli policy.”

Farah first raised the issue of Christian persecution in the Israel town of Nazareth, challenging Jerusalem to respond, which it did last week.


* * * * *


Thanks to the Financial Times and the BBC for spotting this and recycling it – but WorldNetDaily is being read and quoted even in Kazakhstan …

A Kazakh paper, Ekspress K, published a piece Jan. 8 by Valeriy Kirichenko. In it, he made a point made frequently by WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah – that the U.S. is using double standards in its prosecution of the war on terrorism.

Farah was quoted by name and identified as a “U.S. military and political expert and analyst.”

* * * * *


BACKROOM has always liked John Stossel’s reporting for ABC, now we know why.

In a meeting with the star of “20/20” and his own series of specials last week, WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah heard from Stossel’s own mouth that “50 percent of the stories used in our ‘Give Me a Break!’ segment come from WorldNetDaily.”

That’s high praise from a media superstar who, like WorldNetDaily, believes in holding government accountable to the people — a true and honorable watchdog.

* * * * *


They’ve tried boycotts against WorldNetDaily. They’ve tried campaigns targeting advertisers. They’ve tried death threats. Now there’s a new weapon in the arsenal of Islamists determined to disrupt the production of WorldNetDaily.

This week, one intrepid and determined cyber-terrorist flamed WorldNetDaily Editor Joseph Farah and columnist Ann Coulter with thousands of e-mails with articulate messages such as “Hamas rocks. Nuke Israel.”

The e-mails were laced with obscenities unsuitable for the family audience of BACKROOM. Just thought you’d like to know the relentless campaign continues.

* * * * *


The U.S. media may have missed what Oliver Stone had to say at a Brown University appearance last month. But it didn’t go uncovered by the European press.

He told the audience the search for Osama bin Laden is a farce, according to a story in a German news outlet, translated by WorldNetDaily.

During a conversation at Brown University, the 55-year old moviemaker (“JFK,” “Nixon,” “Natural Born Killers”) said he believed bin Laden would have been caught already were he not being protected by the highest-level U.S. officials.

“Bin Laden is protected by the oil industry in this country,” he reportedly said. “They have forbidden G.W. Bush to pursue him, since that would sour the Saudis.”

Someone in the audience asked: “In the face of all the terrible stories, whom (what information source) can you believe?”

No, Stone didn’t say “WorldNetDaily.” Instead, he replied dryly: “Believe what I tell you”

* * * * *


“A good moral character is the first essential,” remarked George Washington.

These are the lessons that Americans once used to instill moral principles in the hearts of their children – in the days when our citizens were renowned worldwide for their honesty and trustworthiness.

No lesson is as powerful as a real-life role model, and a handsome reprint – “The Life of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen,” a 1917 book that focuses on the great general’s sterling character — is a grand example for youngsters.

Yes, today is Robert E. Lee’s birthday – in many ways a forgotten and misunderstood historical figure.

It would be hard to find a man who lived out the virtues of pure
Christianity and manliness as fully and well as Robert E. Lee. “The Life of Robert E. Lee for Young Gentlemen” was written to illustrate precisely that point – and it does so with drama and flair.

Authors J.G. and Mary Hamilton trace Lee’s career – and his sterling character – from boyhood through his years at West Point and in the United States Army, to his command of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and after the war.

At every step of the way they show that Lee was not only a great general, but also a great Christian who inspired deep respect and love in his comrades (and even in his opponents) for his absolute and incorruptible moral standards. That makes this biography the perfect book to use along with ethics to help instill proper values in your children.

A bit of what you will learn from Lee’s example:

* How Lee’s strong moral sensibility led him to cast his lot with the Confederacy

* The ethical principles that convinced Lee that it was time to surrender at Appomattox

* How Lee taught his children to obey him – while simultaneously earning their undying love and respect

* Example after example of Lee’s selfless generosity, even in times of extreme privation

* Lee’s deep Christian faith – and how it influenced his actions throughout his life

* Why Lee thought slavery “a moral and political evil” and yet still fought for the South

* Lee’s sense of humor: how it served as his safety valve when his cares grew too heavy

* Service, submission, loyalty, and patriotism: how Lee set standards for these virtues that have since been equaled by few

Lee after the war – a Christian paragon: He discouraged all personal bitterness. He said: “All controversy will only serve to prolong angry and bitter feeling and postpone the period when reason and charity may resume their sway. I know of no surer way to exact the truth than by burying contention with the war.”

This book is not likely to be found anywhere but the WorldNetDaily online store, ShopNetDaily.


* * * * *


Each week, BACKROOM tells you about the hottest items in the WorldNetDaily online store. Here are this past week’s high achievers:

1. Whistleblower Magazine


2. “The Death of the West” by Patrick J. Buchanan


3. “No Spin Zone” by Bill O’Reilly


4. “From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters


5. “Terrorists Among Us: Jihad in America” video


6. “Conquest of Aztlan” video


7. “No Such Thing as Doomsday” by Philip Hoag


8. “The Final Days” by Barbara Olson


9. “Nuclear War Survival Skills” book


10. Myths & Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict”


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