David Kupelian, vice president and managing editor of WorldNetDaily, will discuss “The 10 most spiked stories of 2001” on Geoff Metcalf’s WorldNetDaily Radio show tonight at 8:30 p.m. Eastern (5:30 p.m. Pacific).

Every January, WorldNetDaily’s editors compile a list of the previous year’s most “spiked” stories – that is, major news events that have been unreported or underreported by the establishment press.

Kupelian, who is also managing editor of WND’s sister publication, Whistleblower magazine, will discuss this year’s picks, which include:

  • Christian persecution worldwide

  • The real story of Islamic militancy worldwide
  • The continued cover-up of both the alleged Middle Eastern connection to the Oklahoma City bombing, and the likelihood that TWA Flight 800 was shot down by a missile
  • Out-of-control illegal immigration across the Mexican border – including Middle Eastern illegals – and the refusal of U.S. political leaders to stop it
  • Saudi Arabia’s support for Islamic terrorism
  • Potential adverse impact to American citizens of the USA PATRIOT Act and other post-9/11 legislation and executive orders
  • The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Oct. 16 decision affirming the individual right to keep and bear arms in the historic U.S. vs. Emerson case
  • The denial of water to the farmers in Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • The failure of the IRS to investigate tax fraud on the part of Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
  • The Clintons’ exit from the White House and the attendant scandals – and the lack of prosecution for them.

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