One of the main reasons for modern skepticism toward the supernatural world is it cannot be detected by the trusted methodology of science. There is no question that science has not, to the best of my knowledge, ever been able to perform reliably replicable experiments capable of proving the existence of the supernatural. But does this necessarily mean that the spiritual world does not exist? As the apostle Paul would say, by no means!

Many religious worldviews postulate the existence of intelligent, supernatural beings whose actions affect the physical world. The Christian view, in particular, puts forth the notion that our world is ruled by an evil supernatural being, one who long ago usurped humanity’s God-given sovereignty. This being, Satan, is not only self-aware, but has been intelligent enough to fool the mind of man from the very start, beginning with the first temptation in the Garden of Eden.

There can be no doubt that Satan, if he exists, is a powerful being. When Satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and offered them to him, Jesus did not question that this was a meaningful offer, nor did he dispute that the world was Satan’s to give. After all, if this had not been the case, it wouldn’t have been much of a temptation. Jesus also indicated that Satan was skilled in the arts of deception and specifically referred to Satan as the Deceiver on several occasions. Significantly, the apostle Paul mentions how the “god of this age” has exerted himself to blind the minds of unbelievers.

So put yourself in the hypothetical position of this evil being ruling over all the earth. Is it in your interest to reveal yourself to humanity? Or is it better to lay in wait, hidden in the shadows, as the mortal world convinces itself that neither you nor your plane of existence are real? Given the disastrous results of this past century, as the world has increasingly turned away from belief in the God of the Bible and his truth in favor of Man and his scientific proofs, the evidence would seem to suggest that unbelief in the supernatural serves the interests of this evil being.

And if it can be argued that this is the case, the next question naturally follows: Does this Deceiver possess the power to hide the spiritual world from us? The logical answer, given his apparent power, would appear to be yes, but the Bible contradicts this conclusion to some degree. What it teaches is that although the Deceiver rules over the earth as the god of this age, he does not have the authority to prevent God from manifesting power on earth through the person of Jesus Christ. It is here, then, to Jesus and those who worship him as Lord and Savior, that science will have to turn if it is to glimpse behind the veil of the supernatural.

Following this logic, it becomes clear that scientists will find nothing if they continue to seek for evidence of the supernatural by examining occult phenomena such as ESP, telepathy, fortune-telling and witchcraft. Satan is the lord and master of such things, and he does not deign to be unmasked, at least, not yet.

What I find fascinating is that some scientists have actually found apparent evidence of the supernatural in an area which could bear fruit. In 1983, a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that prayers by born-again Christians appeared to quantifiably aid the healing process of strangers. And it was not long ago that NBC’s Dateline reported on research indicating that people who attend church regularly live longer lives. In fact, the report stated that attending church was as beneficial to good health as not smoking. Thus it seems possible that continued research in this area could finally provide scientists with the conclusive evidence they require in order to confirm the existence of a world beyond the natural.

But, unfortunately, no amount of scientific fact will ever convince those who are determined not to believe. Science, for all of its tremendous accomplishments, is still merely the epitome of Man’s knowledge, and is by itself incapable of seeing through the Deceiver or understanding the mind of God. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it, nor will it understand until the Son of Man comes again, in power and great glory.

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