A central hallmark of totalitarianism is its need for control. Control of the military, control of the police, control of the courts, the laws and the legislatures. But before all of these things comes control of the media. This is because the common people are far more powerful than they realize, and as history has shown time and again, the independent minds in their midst must either be unleashed or exterminated – they cannot be controlled.

They can, however, be influenced, indoctrinated and deceived. In some ways, then, the media is more powerful than other institutions, because only the media has the ability to affect the way people think. While the media cannot directly dictate one’s fundamental beliefs, it can subtly frame the manner in which an issue is contemplated by the selective distribution of information.

Over time, this can be an extremely effective tool for those wishing to guide the thinking of the populace. Indeed, besides the public-school system, it is the only effective tool. The results can be startling. For example, 76 percent of the Swiss people voted against joining the United Nations in 1986, but 13 years later, a government drive which barely collected enough signatures to qualify for a national referendum marked the beginning of an unobtrusive but extensive media campaign for Swiss membership in the global governing body.

Today, one day prior to the referendum, the latest reports indicate that 54 percent of the Swiss are planning to vote in favor of joining the United Nations, vs. 37 percent against. If these numbers are accurate, they indicate a staggering shift of 30 percent in only 15 years, which is extremely unusual in a matter so rife with national and emotional significance. Of course, one has no choice but to wonder about the accuracy of the Swiss media’s polls when the same story claims that “two-thirds” of voters turned down the proposition last time around. Characterizing 76 percent as two-thirds is just one minor demonstration of how the media can delicately alter the way in which an issue is perceived.

The same thing happens in the United States. When only 40,000 people showed up for the anti-gun Million-Mom March a few years ago, the mainstream media deceitfully reported an estimated attendance of 750,000. Such reporting creates a false impression which over time can significantly affect not only a person’s ability to think logically about an issue, but can even destroy their facility for recognizing facts when finally confronted with them. Unfortunately, this insidious intellectual direction manages to pass for objective reporting throughout the mainstream media – especially where the government is concerned.

But not at WorldNetDaily. This is why the denial of WorldNetDaily’s press pass should not be regarded as a minor bureaucratic incident, but rather as a significant indication that the powers-that-be have recognized WorldNetDaily as a real threat to their continued thought-policing. Al-Ahram and the Beijing Daily are no danger to the government-media cabal’s mind games, which is why they are permitted to wander through the high halls of power with impunity.

WorldNetDaily, on the other hand, is dedicated to truth and freedom, two sacred ideals which stink like sewage in the nostrils of those who use lies to seek control. Evil not only cannot afford the truth, it cannot bear to see itself reflected in the harsh mirror of truth’s condemning light. This is why William Roberts, chairman of the Standing Committee of Correspondents, was so enraged by Joseph Farah’s refusal to tamely submit to his committee’s illegitimate dictates.

Mr. Roberts is angry now, but it won’t be long before he’ll be a fearful shell of his formerly arrogant self, eating his foul words. His days and the days of his unconstitutional gatekeeping are numbered, and he will soon pass into history like the ideological dinosaur he is. The Soviets learned, as did the Romans before them, that truth will always win out in the end.

So I’m with Joseph on this new crusade … how about you? I don’t know the best way to burn these News Nazis and their little Reichstag, but in the meantime, one thing I would suggest is to hit them where it hurts by shutting off Bloomberg News and ABCNNBCBS (except for Alan Keyes’ show on MSNBC, of course). Mr. Roberts and his ilk may not listen to reason or polite discourse, but I’ll bet they pay plenty of attention to the sound of falling ratings.

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