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Join King of Breakfast Banter Phil Paleologos and Westerman at 8:10 a.m. Eastern as they discuss his WorldNetDaily report “‘Gay’ culture in Catholic Church grows.”

Westerman’s article features an exclusive interview with influential Catholic priest Rev. Charles Fiore, who counseled nearly 100 victims of clerical abuse. In the piece, Fiore distinguishes between the actual cases of clerical abuse in the Catholic church and the angle from which much of the media consistently address the issue.

“The problem is not clerical pedophilia, but homosexuality,” Fiore told Westerman, since more than 90 percent of the victims of Catholic clergy abuse are teen-age young men, not children. Westerman’s interview with Fiore reveals that when it comes to reporting clerical abuse, “the grand taboo in U.S. culture is to focus on homosexuality.” Westerman’s eye-opening report has drawn requests for radio interviews from around the country.

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