Holy jihad ‘insanity’?
Defense calls Malvo’s jailhouse sketches full of Islamic fundamentalism evidence

Muhammad gets death for murder
Jurors render sentence after 6-1/2 hours, trial of accused co-conspirator Malvo under way

Muhammad guilty
of capital murder

Verdict reached after 7 hours of deliberations, trial of co-conspirator Malvo getting under way

Police told suspects black from very 1st shot fired
Eyewitness to Michaels store window shooting also described getaway car

Revealed: Secret sniper stake-out
Moose sent team to Muhammad’s ex-wife’s home full day before releasing look-out

Moose denies
blocking cop pay raise

While giving himself a big 9% boost to $160,000

Cops: Chief Moose withheld
look-out on sniper suspects

Delayed release of descriptions focus of Maryland police union negotiations

‘Hero’ Moose loses way to award ceremony
Police chief led Beltway manhunt, misses giving keynote speech

Suspect ‘allergic’ to jail food
Malvo claims veggie loaf making his face swell, flake

Malvo a reluctant
militant Muslim?

Chaplain sees suspect ‘slowly being pulled
into the evil that Muhammad was planning’


Report: Shooting suspects homosexual lovers
Muhammad, Malvo possibly tied to al-Qaida, says tabloid

Muhammad’s other road to jihad
Analyst suspects he had coaching in his radicalization

Experts: Terrorists will
assess shootings

Impact of killings could be used as
‘market research’ for future attacks


Suspect’s Muslim ties still unclear
Nation of Islam fending off inquiries
as it prepares response


Cops ‘wasted time’
hunting white guy

FBI behaviorists ‘have never
profiled potential terrorists’


Muslim suspect
inspired by 9-11

Men being held known to speak
sympathetically about hijackers


Witness: Suspect olive-skinned, ‘not white’
Woman says man taken into custody ‘looked Hispanic’

Ex-CIA operative:
Shootings likely terrorism

Says Pentagon involvement, nature
of killings support theory


Has killer sent
‘9-11’ message?

9 dead out of 11 hit, shootings
seem to have stopped


Beltway killer
likely foreign

Ex-FBI agent troubled by lack
of local imprint left by shooter


Is shooter
military trained?

Beltway killer’s tactics similar
to those taught by U.S. Army


Another al-Qaida
sleeper cell awakens?

Shootings began 4 days after warnings
that U.S. economy targeted


Shootings to spread
to other U.S. cities?

Expert says Washington-area killer
part of cell doing ‘market research’


Police suppress
terrorism angle

Federal official: Releasing descriptions
of Mideast suspects would cause ‘panic’


‘This guy is good, but not
as a shooter’

Expert notes killer’s tactical abilities,
skills in eluding capture


Gun-rights groups
undeterred by attacks

Say fewer gun laws would help protect
public in D.C. area


Police weigh multiple killers, vehicles
‘If this is 1 shooter, he’s got a helluva lot
of energy – and luck’


Shootings tied to Michaels
crafts stores?

Geographic profile seems to track shop locations

FBI Terrorism Task Force on case
Agents reportedly needed to add
manpower to investigation


FBI: Maryland shootings
fit no category

Agency profilers can see no motive other than terrorism

Terror link to Maryland shootings?
Experts divided on whether killing spree
work of al-Qaida


2 ‘Hispanics’ sought
in D.C.-area hunt

Be-on-lookout alert describes
shooters’ race


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