I remember reading a novel many years ago called “The World According to Garp” by John Irving.

It was at once a hilarious and tragic story of feminism gone stark, raving mad.

For instance, in response to the rape of a young girl, whose attackers cut out her tongue so she could not identify them, a group of sympathic but misguided militant women cut out their own tongues to identify with their young heroine.

I was reminded of this once unbelievable fictional story upon reading last week of the deaf lesbian couple who deliberately bred deaf children who could share their disability.

The two women found a deaf sperm donor to increase the likelihood their first daughter, now 5, would inherit deafness. They were so pleased with the result, they used the technique again to produce a deaf son.

Sharon Duchesneau, the mother, and Candace McCullough, her lesbian lover, say deafness is “an identity not a medical affliction that needs to be fixed.”

Before their son was born, the women explained that, “A hearing baby would be a blessing; a deaf baby would be a special blessing.”

They believe deafness is a “cultural identity” not a handicap. They want their children to share the same experiences, including learning sign language and going to special schools for the deaf.

What can one say about such decisions?

Let me begin by suggesting that they illustrate the extremes of self-indulgent, amoral craziness to which our society and culture have plummeted in recent years.

This is what happens when you begin throwing out the old rules and making up new ones as you go along.

The horrors to come are not even imaginable if we continue on this road.

Take, for instance, those advocating marital and familial rights for homosexuals and lesbians like this couple. They tell us there is nothing wrong with such unions. They tell us they are as good or better than heterosexual marriages. They tell us it is discrimination not to recognize these facts. They tell us the only arguments against such relationships are the archaic rules and traditions of the Bible.

Let’s pretend they’re right for a moment. Would you like to consider the logical next stage of human evolution?

If there’s nothing wrong with homosexuality – if it’s just as good or better than heterosexuality – then surely there is nothing wrong with three-way marriages or four-way marriages, right? Could there be anything wrong with polygamy?

How about sex with children? I mean, why not? Isn’t it just a hang-up we have against it? Where is it written that this is wrong? You may think so, but others don’t. If there is no immutable law on the subject, then who is to say?

And how about marriages between species? You say there is no one pushing this cause yet? Just wait.

You think I’m kidding? You think I’m not serious? There are people who enjoy all of these abominations. If we reject one taboo, how can we not reject all of them?

Every time I make this argument, some homosexual activists say no one is yet organizing a political movement around such causes. Is that the determining issue between right and wrong?

The same groups pushing the envelope on unconventional relationships are right now promoting all kinds of self-mutilation in the name of sexual liberation – from sex-change operations to breast-removal surgery. And guess who is paying the bill for many of these procedures right now? That’s right. The taxpayer.

And, let’s face it, if all those things are just all right, then who is to say that Ms. Duchesneau and Ms. McCullough are wrong to breed deaf children because they want children to share their misfortune?


That’s the problem with taking even one step down the slippery slope of moral relativism. There is no way back.

Over and over again in the Bible, we see what happens when the people “do what is right in their own eyes,” forgetting the only rules that really mean anything – those given to us by God.

We can forget all that. We can disregard it. We can chalk it all up to legend, myth and superstition. But we do so at our own risk.

It’s time for everyone to choose what kind of world they would like to live in. The choice is simple: The world of designer handicapped babies and anything-goes, aberrant sexual behavior? Or the world of marriage, order and accountability to God.

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