“What the judge said put me in the red
Got me thinkin’ ’bout a trigger to the lead
No, no my education mind say suckers gonna pay
Anyway… there gonna be a day.”
?Public Enemy

Maybe it will come to that one day. How much longer will we tolerate an illegal tax system supported by a corrupt judiciary and enforced by a foreign agency, especially when the elected officials who serve us do not even deign to answer our simplest questions? This April 15, it is time to remember that we are the descendants of honest men who did not fear to revolt after having one wrongful tax too many rammed down their unwilling throats.

I heard from a variety of people in response to last week’s column about the IRS, ranging from well-educated folks who have decoded their IRS master files to the wholly ignorant, some of whom appeared a little shocked by my statements. A common complaint in both cases was the lack of Internet links to source information, so this column is an attempt to rectify that. Please note that I have no connection to any of these web sites or organizations.

The best place to start is the home of the organization sponsoring the Truth-in-Taxation hearings which took place last week in Washington, D.C. There is a mailing list, news updates and an excellent hour-long webcast of an April 8 press conference in which three former IRS agents took part.

For information on the IRS, formerly known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Puerto Rico, there is a nicely researched article on the agency, its history and jurisdiction. Its central thesis tends to be supported in page 2, No. 4 of this 1993 court case.

With regards to Puerto Rico, one reader wrote in to tell me that when his master file was decoded, he learned that his business was listed by the IRS as being registered in Puerto Rico. This was news to him, as he’d never been there in his life! It’s also no surprise, as IRS agents regularly fill one’s file with false information indicating tax liability under genuine constitutional law. Given that you may well be a victim of this fraud yourself, you might want to consider this CD which contains information on how to request and decode your own file.

Since the Supreme Court ruled that the 16th Amendment changed nothing regarding Congress’ ability to enact a tax, it appears that the amendment was nothing more than another element of the great smoke scheme. Still, The Law That Never Was is an important education in the corruption of our government.

Of more practical application is the income source case presented by Larkin Rose. I definitely recommend reading the downloadable taxable income report, which is readable despite some unavoidable complexity. It’s fascinating to see how income tax law has been changed over the years in order to continue misleading people while staying technically within the bounds of the Constitution.

Regarding tax convictions, I was working from memory last week and my numbers were off. In 1994, there were 2,447 prosecutions and 456 dismissals, which is an 18.6 percent rate of failure, not the 25 percent I mentioned. However, in 2001, the Department of Justice declined to prosecute 1,235 of the 2,511 cases referred by the IRS, and there were also an additional 155 dismissals for an effective 55 percent failure rate.

So perhaps that’s something to keep in mind for those of you who know the truth but are afraid to act on it. The IRS itself says 35 million Americans don’t file, and despite its elaborate architecture of lies and half-truths only manages to set up the conviction of .003 percent of that number.

But more important than playing the numbers game is personal integrity. Do you want to go to your grave saying, “Well, at least I did the expedient thing”? We have the honor of living in a time when our actions matter, even if one does nothing more than refuse to submit to tyranny by checking exempt or refusing to file.

Never forget that they fear us far more than we fear them. We the people own our government, not the judiciary and especially not a bunch of freaking Puerto Rican bureaucrats. The day is coming when we will shut them down!

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