Despite my interest in military history, I am not a fan of war. War corrodes a society by allowing centralist forces within government to excuse actions they would never be allowed to take in more peaceful times, by encouraging the dehumanization of the enemy population and by providing an easy means of stifling reasonable dissent.

That being said, some wars are unavoidable, especially when a nation is under attack. And America is not only under assault now, but was even before Sept. 11. Americans not only have a right, but a responsibility to undertake the military struggle that is before us, unfortunately, the War on Terror is not that war.

The War on Terror is not, in fact, a war being fought by the American people. It is a federal military-police action being enacted without regard for the proper forms and procedures set out in the Constitution of the American people. American troops are spanning the globe on the orders of a single man, even as his employees attempt to ensnare our country into more of the entangling alliances against which our first President warned us.

Terror is a tactic, not an enemy, and the current phraseology only serves to obscure the fact that America has real enemies committed to her destruction. Who are these enemies? Those who have declared themselves at war with us. War, unlike dance, does not require two to tango, and thus we must be prepared for the possibility of a war not of our choosing.

It is not news that al-Qaida, Hamas, Iran, Iraq and other Islamic and/or Arabic organizations consider themselves at war with us. Recently, one Sheik Saad Al-Buraik, a Saudi television host and official government cleric, announced that America “is the root of all evils, and wickedness on earth” and ordered “Muslim Ummah don’t take the Jews and Christians as allies.” Understand that by Muslim Ummah, he means the entire Muslim community, not only in Saudi Arabia but throughout the world.

Furthermore, the sheik announces that “the battle that we are going through is not with Jews only, but also with those who believe that Allah is a third in a Trinity, and those who said that Jesus is the son of Allah, and Allah is Jesus, the son of Mary.”

A sentiment to warm the hearts of Christians everywhere, I’m sure.

This is not a war that America has sought, but it is one that has found us nonetheless. We are being given no more choice about fighting violent expansionist Islam than were the Franks and Spaniards of the 8th century or the Hungarians and Moldavians of the 16th.

And like Charles Martel, America will win this coming war because, as Victor Davis Hanson explains in his excellent book “Carnage and Culture”, we are the inheritors of the Greco-Roman way of war while our self-declared Islamic-Arabic enemies are not. Here’s some ideas for getting things started:

  1. Arm pilots and pass federal laws to permit the profiling of air travelers and incoming visa holders. Let the Supreme Court decide constitutionality, not the media.

  2. Fire Secretary of State Colin Powell.

  3. Announce that America has no further interest in interfering with Arab-Israeli relations.

  4. Hold a congressional debate on a declaration of war against all Islamic or Arabic nations and organizations whose representatives have, explicitly or implicitly, declared war on America. If the measure passes, repatriate all non-American citizens with any ties to the above organizations or their host countries.

  5. Inform the U.N. that any attempt to oppose the American war effort will result in immediate American withdrawal from that organization and termination of all funding. Convey a similar message to all foreign aid recipients.

  6. Inform all oil-producing states that America’s reaction to any oil embargo will be to commandeer their oil fields with an eventual return to the jurisdiction of their former British, French or Russian masters. What the West hath given, the West can take away.

  7. Let the generals drive. Once the surrenders begin, President Bush can establish friendships and close personal bonds. But not until the white flags start waving.

Perhaps the American people aren’t ready for this yet, but in time, they will be. America’s enemies have underestimated her since the Redcoats fought her first defenders at Lexington. They do so because they do not understand the source of her strength, which stems from that which they hate most – the notion of freedom, liberty and justice for all.

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