Pragmatism in politics always sounds like the reasonable position of a reasonable man. But if you’re driving off a cliff, what difference does it make if you are going 20 or 120 miles per hour?

Michael Bellesiles, the author of “Arming America,” is a liar and an idiot. I understand why he lied – because the anti-gun movement is almost completely devoid of facts in support of its policies. What I cannot understand is how he thought he was ever going to get away with it. The Big Lie cannot work wherever there is a press that is even remotely free.

Muslims who oppose America while living in it seem to have more faith in the good nature of our government than I do. I seem to recall that the federals didn’t hesitate to incarcerate thousands of innocent Japanese-Americans during World War II, and I’m pretty sure we had the same Constitution then that we do now. If jihad comes to America, I can’t imagine the ATF and company having major pangs of conscience about rounding up everyone named Ali, Omar or Mohammed. I mean, look what they did to that mutant bunch of wacked-out Baptists down in Waco.

Ann Coulter is hot.

Since socialism has never worked anywhere, why does it continue to hold so much appeal to intellectuals everywhere? Have any of them ever even read “Das Kapital”? And once it’s conceded that the Labor Theory of Value is a steaming pile of digestive detritus ejected from a steer’s posterior, how does the rest of the Marxian program hold together? Can someone even try to explain this to me?

The terminology of the political spectrum is beyond repair. Extreme Left and extreme Right do not meet, they are in fact the same. The fact that Nazis and Communists battled for supremacy in 1920’s Germany did not make them ideological opposites; who was left and who was right when Bolsheviks were exterminating Mensheviks? There is the collective and the individual and there is totalitarianism and libertarianism – that is the true spectrum.

Disturbed is more than a little disturbing. But oh, how they do rock!

It’s not so hard to figure out why bad things happen to good people once you realize that the world is under the rule of a supernatural serial killer. As C.S. Lewis wrote: “All I am doing is to ask people to face the facts – to understand the questions which Christianity claims to answer. And they are very terrifying facts.”

Why do people who loathe monopoly in private enterprise believe that government monopolies are A Good Thing? How does adding the power to tax, jail and execute one’s customers make for a more responsive or responsible monopoly?

Now that the European Union is on the verge of banning the Old Testament and has returned to the old sport of Jew-bashing, how long will it be before it begins openly persecuting Christians? I’m guessing 15 years. And 20 years will see the EU’s first Civil War.

Do the opponents of homeschooling realize that the socialization which home-schooled children are missing largely consists of learning apathy, cruelty and sexual technique?

The institution of a bureaucracy inevitably leads to a divergence of interests between the bureaucratic class and those it purports to serve. Not enough work has been done on studying this phenomenon, which plagues institutions in and out of government.

I have seldom despised a literary character as I do Rand al’Thor, the central figure of Robert Jordan’s, “The Wheel of Time”. Has there ever been a whinier, more self-centered or less-appealing protagonist? I am now actively rooting for the bad guys.

The status quo always appears to be immutable, until change arrives, usually more suddenly and violently than anyone expects. Once the new status quo is established, it is quickly forgotten that things were ever different before.

Reading Plato quickly cures one of the notion that progressive thought will lead to any improvement in the human condition. “The Republic” is nothing but a nightmarish vision of a totalitarian society ruled by an oligarchical elite, devoid of all respect for individual rights and freedom.

I am beginning to worry that the Minnesota Vikings will not win the Super Bowl in my lifetime, despite being young, healthy and descended from long-lived stock. Then again, the Patriots won last year, which may be the most convincing argument for a random universe created by chance that I have ever encountered.

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