When you donate to UNICEF (their biggest donation drive, appropriately, is on Hallowe’en), one of the ways the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund spends your money is on education for Third World countries.

An example of U.N.-sponsored education was circulated at the United Nations Special Session on Children Conference in New York. The special session is ostensibly devoted to improving the rights of the world’s children by improving access to abortion, among other things.

Included were titles like “Refugee Children,” “Protecting Boys and Girls During Armed Conflict” and “Beyond Yokohama: Combating Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children.”

One of the ways the U.N. hopes to combat the sexual exploitation of children is to educate them to the dangers. UNICEF has taken the lead in funding this effort. Delegates were given portions of a book published by the Mexican government and funded by the United Nations.

Loosely translated from the Spanish, the book is entitled, “Theoretic Elements for Working with Mothers and Pregnant Teens.” A few excerpts from this workshop text were published in a news report in the Washington Times. The book outlines the kinds of things Third World kids need to know, like: “Reproductive health includes the following components: counseling on sexuality, pregnancy, methods of contraception, abortion, infertility, infections and diseases.”

Sounds reasonable enough, although abstinence as a strategy seems somewhat poorly represented. But the book does advocate some other alternatives.

“Situations in which you can obtain sexual pleasure: 1. Masturbation. 2. Sexual relations with a partner – whether heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. 3. A sexual response that is directed toward inanimate objects, animals, minors, non-consenting persons.”

But if none of that grabs the attention of your average Third World teenaged girl, the U.N. has more suggestions. How about lesbian sex as an acceptable alternative for girls? “Sexual relations with a partner: Here we should insist there is no ideal or perfect relations between two or several people,” the book says. “The one that gives us the most satisfaction and that which is adopted to our way of being and the style of life we have chosen. This is why we encounter many differences among women. Some women like to have relations with men. And others with another woman.”

The U.N. is trying to limit the damage, saying the book was only released by supporters of the U.S. anti-abortion lobby to embarrass the conference. Why would the U.N. be embarrassed by a book they funded? Well, it turns out the U.N. only paid for it, they didn’t actually have anybody read it.

At least, that’s their story and they are sticking to it.

The U.N. said the book was “intended as a training manual for people working with adolescent women to prevent teen pregnancy.” Got to give them credit there. I know of no pregnancies as a consequence of lesbian sex or sex with “inanimate” objects.

UNICEF spokesman Alfred Ironside admitted to the Washington Times that it funded the workshop textbook, but said the Mexican government is to blame. Once the U.N. found out what was in it, the U.N. says it removed it from circulation.

Although vague about how the book managed to get published, the U.N. is crystal clear about what happened next. “A very small number were produced – fewer than a thousand,” said Ironside. “It was pulled out of circulation when the content was more carefully reviewed.”

It is interesting to me that the U.N. is clueless regarding the book up to the moment it was published, yet can provide a detailed breakdown of how many copies were printed and what happened to them with such precision.

Members of the U.S. delegation are opposing U.N. promotion and funding of abortions, and are being subjected to the same kind of feeding frenzy we saw exhibited against Israel when the U.N. tried to hold a conference on racism at Durban, South Africa last year.

The only thing that was resolved at Durban was that Jews were racists for embracing anybody who shared their religion regardless of their birth, while the Arab states, who embrace only those who share both ethnicity and religion, are not.

At the U.N. Child Summit, the U.S. is being attacked by delegates for opposing abortion, for its position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, for arms sales to allies, for the Bush administration’s support of capital punishment, and for U.S. failure to ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Abortion is not mentioned directly in the draft child-summit document. UNICEF and the U.N. Fund for Population Activities interpret the phrase “reproductive health services” to include abortion.

The summit is a typical example of U.N. doublespeak – not unlike the Durban Conference on Racism. In that case, they met to eliminate global racism but dissolved in conflict over the issue of whether or not hating Jews was racist. In the end, it was decided that being Jewish was, by definition, racist, but that hating them for it was OK.

The U.N. Summit, ostensibly to protect children, is suffering the same Orwellian reversal of reality. Billed as an international effort to protect children, it is deadlocked over whether or not to kill them in the womb.

Which is why I’m not the first to observe the United Nations is the only body on earth to have 187 mouths and no brain.

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