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Defending our 'freedoms'

We are told over and over again that the terrorists aren’t upset with American foreign policy – it’s our freedoms they can’t stand. They want to destroy us because we’re free.

Unfortunately, those who say this don’t spell out the particular freedoms that the terrorists are upset about.

I really don’t know what freedoms the super-patriots are talking about.

What I want

But before you bruise your dainty fingertips typing an e-mail to tell me I should go live in Iran or some other hell-hole, let me tell you what I really want.

I don’t want to live in Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, East Timor or anywhere else.

I want to live in the America that once existed as the beacon of liberty, providing light and hope and inspiration to the entire world – the one that politicians from William McKinley to George W. Bush have replaced with a giant bully that tyrannizes Americans and foreigners alike.

If such a country still existed, the terrorists wouldn’t be invading America with box-cutters in the futile hope of changing American foreign policy.

They’d be flooding the country with visa applications, trying to get in to enjoy the same freedoms we’d have.