Adding to its arsenal of communication techniques in the abortion battle, a California organization has begun a new campaign flying giant banners depicting aborted body parts behind airplanes along U.S. beaches.

As WND reported last year, the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform began its campaign against abortion by driving trucks with the grisly images on the sides of them through urban areas of California. CBR’s current beach effort began on Memorial Day weekend along the shores of Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Body parts of a 10-week-old fetus shown next to a dime for scale. This is one of the images CBR displays.

“Instead of merely expressing the opinion that abortion is an indefensible act of violence that kills a baby, our aerial photos will prove the facts which compel that conclusion among people of conscience,” the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform said in a statement.

The CBR’s Reproductive Choice Campaign plans to show the aerial towed banners above beaches in the Boston and Cape Cod area beginning today. The flying billboards measure 30 feet tall and 100 feet long, and bear images of aborted babies with the word “Choice.”

“These images make it far more difficult for America to pretend that the unborn baby is a ‘blob of tissue’ or that abortion is the lesser of two evils,” CBR stated.

“The reaction in Miami was huge over the weekend,” said Gregg Cunningham, CBR director.

CBR receives both negative and positive responses from the “Choice” campaigns, but thinks the good responses will outweigh the bad to further their cause. Believing the pictures will create more opposition to abortion, CBR plans to continue the aerial towing throughout the summer in other major American cities.

The campaigns are designed by CBR “to make abortion impossible to ignore or trivialize.” The banners are chosen as campaign tools, the group says, because beach-goers are captive audiences and can’t simply “ignore” the unborn fetuses shown from the skies above.

Many believe the photos to be too graphic and offensive to be viewed by children. CBR says they do not intentionally seek to show the banners to children, but argue that there are also plenty of “shocking images” shown by network news organizations for children to see. The group says it is more concerned about the lives of unborn children than the feelings of born children.

The pictures on the aerial banners and the sides of the trucks show 7-week-old to 10-week-old fetuses severed from the act of abortion. Coins are sometimes included next to the body parts to show just how small the aborted babies are.

“The purpose of this project,” stated CBR, “is to reframe the abortion debate from a question of ‘choice’ to a forced consideration of what is being chosen.”

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