In the continuing war between “pro-life” and “pro-choice” activists, it seems many Americans are uncomfortable choosing sides.

The right to legal abortion at any time, for any reason, through the ninth month of pregnancy is the ultimate goal of “pro-choice” organizations. Taking into account the nature of the goal and the billions of dollars spent on their efforts over the years (much of it taxpayer money), it is an issue on which every American should take a stand.

For those who have yet to decide their position, perhaps we should start with a few simple definitions. Here are the meanings of the relevant terms: (Note: Definitions are taken neither from “pro-life” or “pro-choice” propaganda, but from Webster’s Dictionary.)

Abort – “to cause to have a miscarriage.”

Miscarriage – “the premature birth of a fetus so that it does not live.”

Fetus – “in man, the offspring in the womb from the end of the third month of pregnancy until birth, distinguished from embryo.”

Embryo – “the human organism in the first three months after conception.”

Human – “a person.”

Aborticide — “destruction of the fetus in the womb.”

Destroy – “to kill.”

Can one really argue, with a clear conscience and intellectual honesty that the act of abortion as it relates to human beings is anything other than the killing or destruction of a living human? If it isn’t alive, why is a “procedure” required to kill it? If it isn’t human offspring, what is it … a puppy? a kitten?

Since the Constitution of the United States was designed to be the law of the land, it’s important to examine what it says about the issue of life. (Note: Again, I’m quoting from neither “pro-life” nor “pro-choice” material, but from the Constitution.)

The 14th Amendment says, in part: “… nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Even if you believe in a very limited government, an appropriate function of any government is the protection of innocent human life. Indeed, the primary purpose of the U.S. government is to protect those within its jurisdiction from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

The fact that the United States Supreme Court made abortion legal does not change the fact that abortion is, on its face, unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court has erred before on human rights – the issue of slavery comes to mind.

Could any thinking person today rationally argue that it should be up to the individual states to decide if slavery is legal? Of course not – the 13th Amendment strictly prohibits it, just as the 14th Amendment prohibits taking a human life at will.

How did the Supreme Court make such a blatant, horrific error in 1973 when it declared that abortion is legal?

One must remember that the Supreme Court is composed of human beings who have emotions, prejudices, political views and – whether we like it or not – are often vulnerable to the social and political pressures of the day. In the 1960s and early ’70s, America saw the height of the radical feminist movement complete with bra-burnings, marches on Washington, demands for sexual liberation, and even the delivery of bags of chicken poop to the offices of some congressmen the feminists viewed as their enemies. They wrote in blood on the walls of the Supreme Court and the National Archives. They worked feverishly to pass numerous laws invading every aspect of our lives with government control. They were regarded as heroines of freedom by the media.

And, they worked fervently to secure the right to inflict violence and death on their own offspring through the legalization of abortion. It is the repugnancy, hypocrisy and obvious immorality of this last effort that has caused the organization “Feminists for Life” to gain such tremendous support in recent years.

Perhaps the radical actions of activists on both sides of the debate have left you disgusted. Be that as it may, you are still responsible for staking out a position on this important issue.

If one were to make a claim of moral “neutrality” on the issue of slavery today, they would quickly and correctly be exposed and decried as immoral and un-American because we, as a nation, have matured enough to realize the inherent evil of slavery. It’s time to take your stand on the issue of the legalized killing of very young human beings. When 40 million helpless human offspring have legally been put to death in America through abortion, there can be no neutrality.

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