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Remember how President Bush vowed that the U.S. is not at war only with terrorists – but also with any country that harbors or helps terrorists?

Well, what on earth ever happened to that?

And why on earth on May 30 did presidential Press Secretary Ari Fleischer have a humorous evasion regarding the deadly serious question of our retaliation for nuclear terrorism?

    QUESTION: The president has never criticized any of his seven presidential predecessors because they had intercontinental nuclear ballistics missiles aimed at every city in the Soviet Union, in case they nuclearly attacked us, has he Ari? I don’t recall that he has. Do you recall that he’s ever criticized any of those seven that had missiles aimed at every Soviet city?

    FLEISCHER: What’s your real question, Lester?

    Q: You would agree, he’s never done this, right?

    FLEISCHER: Yes, Lester.

    Q: That’s a yes! (laughter) Given (Defense) Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld’s prediction of nuclear terrorism, which was so horribly detailed in this Sunday’s New York Times Magazine, you wouldn’t deny that those Arab countries, who have helped and harbored terrorists, now have their cities so targeted – in case a nuclear terrorist kills a million more New Yorkers, would you Ari?

    FLEISCHER: Les, if you’re asking any questions about target areas of weapons, you need to address that to the right people, which is the Department of Defense.

    Q: Everyone knew all Soviet cities were targeted; so were ours in the Cold War. Now, are you telling me that there’s no targeting of any Arab country that is harboring Arab terrorists or helping them, Ari?

    FLEISCHER: I’m telling you that the Office of the White House Press Secretary targets no one. I think that you should ask that at the Department of Defense. (laughter)

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