Some kids work on school newspapers.

Home-schoolers Daniel and Nathan McClintock of Greenville, S.C., started their own Internet newssite.

Modeling their news website after WorldNetDaily and the Drudge Report, and inspired by the events of Sept. 11, Daniel, 15, and Nathan, 17, created, what they hope will become a coast-to-coast news network of home-school contributors and other would-be journalists of the future.

Daniel is the webmaster and designer of CPI News. He says he and Nathan have been home-schooled all their life. Updating the website early in the morning before he starts school, he says home-schooling has made it easier for him to launch his new career.

The brothers find “good” news stories on the Internet and provide links to them from their own site. They also include non-copyrighted photos they get from the White House and other sites, because they can’t afford to pay for images from the Associated Press – at least not yet, says Daniel. Occasionally, they even break their own stories.

Hoping to get home-schoolers from around the country to help with his newssite, Daniel says people from different time zones will be able to get more stories up quicker on CPI News. After all, their site reads: “One of the fastest news services on the Web.” When breaking news happens, Daniel wants one of his home-schooled partners to either help cover the event, take a photo or create a link for the site.

“We’ve had a lot of fun with it, and we’re hoping it will grow,” Daniel told WND.

Nathan wanted to include breaking news stories with his own online radio talk show that he already had on the Internet, so Daniel designed a Web page for both that later became CPI News. Daniel says CPI stands for Conservative Press International, shortened to an acronym to look more professional.

“We get about 10,000 hits a month,” said Daniel. The McClintocks plan to include more advertising on their site as their readership grows. They now have sponsors like that help with costs.

Daniel’s career plans include becoming a professional webmaster, and Nathan wants to be involved with physics or mathematics. Daniel says he’ll probably sell CPI News when he’s ready to move on to other things. Now, however, the McClintocks work steadily to make sure they get all the “good” news up on their site as fast as possible.

Daniel says his parents don’t help with the website at all, “other than looking at it. We do it on our own,” he said.

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