Global warming is now a “fact.”

It’s a fact because the Bush administration has conceded it as such to the United Nations.

There’s little point in debating the theory any more. Man is altering his environment and creating future disaster scenarios that only computer models and Ph.Ds in earth sciences can predict.

Never mind that only 30 years ago, some of the same scientists were prophesying doom and gloom from a new ice age. They’ve seen the light since then. There’s a new consensus emerging. After all, the scientists who get the government grants all agree that global warming is a real threat.

Now the Bush administration is on board. Who says Al Gore didn’t win the election? His political agenda is nearly fully in place.

Is the earth really warming? Maybe. Maybe not. The long-term trends are hard to measure – even the most doctrinaire proponents of the theory will acknowledge that. If it is warming, it’s nothing dramatic. Over the last 100 years or so, the average mean temperature may be a degree higher.

But there is no evidence – none whatsoever – to suggest such a minor change has anything to do with the activity of man on planet earth. There is also no evidence to suggest that man has the ability to do anything meaningful to reverse any global warming trend – real or imagined.

That’s right. Most scientists not compromised by the desire for government grants to study global warming or some political motivation will tell you there is little if anything man could do to heat up the earth’s atmosphere. The earth is just too big. Man’s presence is just too small. That’s just the way God planned it.

It wouldn’t make a bit of difference if we burned up all the oil reserves in the world in a day and a night. There would be no noticeable or measurable impact on the world’s temperatures.

So, why all the political hot air?

Because it fits a broad political agenda for further government control – in this case, international government control – over the lives of ordinary people. There is no other explanation for it. The global-warming doomsdayers all believe Big Government is the only answer. We need more centralized power, more command-and-control bureaucracies, more regulations – all of which translates, like it or not, to less freedom.

It’s June. It’s beginning to warm up in North America. So be prepared to hear more about the imminent global warming threat. The international statist political zealots are going to turn up the political heat. That’s why the Bush administration leaked its global warming report to the United Nations this week.

This is a power grab. It’s about stealing your liberty. It’s about destroying the last vestiges of self-government and imposing international tyranny on Americans and the rest of the world. It’s part of a broad scheme to make decisions for you with no accountability – no elections, no representation, rule by a pseudo-scientific elite. Marx would be so proud.

That’s why even some of Bush’s most vocal cheerleaders have been severely disappointed by the administration’s flip-flop on global warming. It is a benchmark decision. It reveals more about the character of the administration than almost anything else we have seen in the last two years. It may not be meaningful in terms of immediate policy decisions, but it sets the tone for draconian actions by unaccountable international agencies.

It’s a sell-out of truth. It’s a sell-out of freedom. It’s a sell-out of what’s right.

Less importantly to me – as someone who didn’t vote for President Bush and as someone who had no expectations of his presidency – unless personally repudiated by him, this policy will represent his political Waterloo. This is George W.’s “read-my-lips” speech. History is repeating itself. As Yogi Berra would say, “It’s deja vu all over again.”

The first George Bush was a politically popular president riding the wave of military action in the Persian Gulf. He lost his re-election bid to an unknown clown who will be remembered as the most immoral man who ever served as president.

The Democrats may not have a charismatic leader on the horizon. But George W. Bush just made sure they won’t need one to win in 2004.

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