A call for the return to constitutional government is perhaps not so much revolutionary as it is a demand for restoration. A restoration of the supremacy of the individual over the collective, of the state over the federal and, more generally, of the rule of law, not men. It is unfortunate that the current U.S. government has abandoned these principles to the point that such a restoration will require great sacrifices on the part of those who would bring it about.

Last week, I explained how violent acts of revolution would be self-defeating. This week, I have a few suggestions which are not only justifiable for men of conscience and good will, but also will help bring about the restoration of lawful constitutional government in America. The good news is that because the government’s behavior is so often outside the law, the legalities are usually on our side. The bad news, of course, is that most officials prefer the status quo to enforcing the law as written.

A hallmark of totalitarian government is to co-opt those who passively oppose the enterprise by forcing them to participate in the process, which allows those in power to claim that their right to rule is legitimate. Striking at this pretense is paramount, therefore, it is imperative that patriotic American Restorationists refuse to take part in the corrupt fraud that is the federal election process. It will be very difficult to claim democratic legitimacy if the vast majority of the people refuse to take part.

Another related tactic is one I have mentioned before. The former Bureau of Internal Revenue, Puerto Rico, now known as the IRS, has successfully conned most Americans into believing that they have a responsibility to pay federal income taxes. Most do not, because very few Americans are residents of the federal United States, being instead residents of a sovereign state which is a member of the United States of America. The fact that a few corrupt judges disagree with this is of no account – look up the law and read it for yourself if you do not believe me. Then act accordingly, which for most of you means to claim exempt and stop filing.

A third step is to hammer those third parties who act as virtual agents for the federal government. Not only are you not required by law to provide your social security number in order to open a bank account or visit a doctor, but they are legally banned from asking for it. The tax reform act of 1976 and Title 42, chapter 7, subchapter II, sec. 408 (a)(8), make it a felony for any agency or instrumentality to require the disclosure of such a number, punishable with up to a one-million dollar fine, censorship, five years in prison, or a combination thereof. So, every time someone demands your SSN, call the cops on them.

Because the investment and banking systems have been inextricably tied to the IRS reporting systems, take your money out of them. Buy gold, physical gold. The government hates this, which is why FDR banned private ownership of it in 1933. It would be even better if individuals began accepting it as an alternate means of payment for goods and services. In any case, it’s not a bad investment right now.

Read up on the laws regarding your local officials. In Oregon, more than half of the state’s circuit court judges appear to be illegitimate since they’ve never taken the required oath of office. Check your state constitution to learn if one is required – if it is, see if the judges’ oaths are on file with your secretary of state. This is a good and lawful way to eliminate the worst federalist whores. After all, your Honor, ignorance of the law is no excuse!

If you don’t have a gun, buy one. If you’ve got one, buy one for someone else.

Now, these six suggestions may seem like petty pinpricks to the gargantuan colossus that is the federal government, but it’s not as if dumping a shipload of tea into Boston Harbor shook King George’s throne … at first. Government is a fragile beast, and I have no doubt that these actions, if acted upon by a dedicated few, will begin to bring about the freedom and lawful rule we seek.

If 700,000 pot smokers are willing to be arrested for their cause every year, then how much more should we, the sons of American liberty, be willing to risk for ours?

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