Why does it often seem so very difficult to find the time to talk with God?

Life is busy – the phone keeps ringing, the kids need my attention. Meanwhile, someone’s at the door, the dog is barking, there are bills to be paid, I have a deadline at work … but where is the time for God?

He doesn’t pound on the door like the neighborhood children, or stand beside my desk and interrupt while I’m working, or call during dinner like the phone solicitors.

No, He patiently waits for me to call on Him.

While the stresses are building, and I try and figure out schedules, or why we’re already out of milk again, and who’s picking up whom from what – God waits.

While I throw another load of laundry in the washer, direct my child to sweep the kitchen floor, sort through the mail and answer another phone call, God waits.

My husband and I find time each day for a private conversation over a cup of coffee. We take the time to “love on” our children and discuss their school work and their concerns. Their friends frequently spend the night and we even manage to fix homemade donuts for the entire gang. Meanwhile, God waits.

The last few months have been difficult for me. I’ve seen death’s ugly face when my father and one of my best friends died within weeks of each other. My mother, lonely and heartbroken, is dying of cancer. I’ve had three emergency-room visits for various injuries with my children in less than five weeks. I’ve been struck by the brevity and fragility of life, and have found myself reflective, and quiet – and waiting for God to change my world.

I believe in miracles. I don’t think it was an accident that I recently met Shirley Dobson and heard about her new book, “Certain Peace in Uncertain Times.” It’s no coincidence that at this very time in my life, the Father of mercy and love has brought me a book to teach me how to pray.

Recently I sat in my sunroom on a bright morning and settled in to read the words of a woman whose heart’s desire is to share with others the joy of prayer. I wept and my own heart ached as I rediscovered just how much God wants to hear from me.

Why – again I ask – does it often seem so very difficult to find the time to talk to God? Because the enemy doesn’t want us to call upon the Creator of the Universe for help. He knows prayer is effective, and powerful and healing. It has the ability to change us, to strengthen us, to give us peace.

As Mrs. Dobson points out, “Yet God does not abandon us. He keeps His promise: ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’ (Hebrews 13:5). Even during the storms, He stands just to the side, ever watchful, waiting to embrace us the moment we again seek His presence. His words to Jeremiah apply to us all: ‘Call to me and I will answer you.’ (Jeremiah 33:3).”

I pause, breathless, as I read the verse again: “Call to me and I will answer you.” I am numb as I try and absorb the thought that the God of all Creation has commanded me to call on Him. My mind can’t even begin to comprehend the fact that He then promises to answer me.

As I scan through her book again, Mrs. Dobson’s message is quite clear: God desires to have deep, personal, frequent conversations with me. With me? With me!

I became a Christian during Sunday school class when I was about 5 years old. It was a very personal, very real moment of transformation. I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jesus had taken me in His arms and become my Lord. All it took, on my part, was a simple prayer of faith.

Throughout my life I have called on God – searching for wisdom, or seeking comfort, or simply exclaiming joyous praise. I have felt the power of prayer many times and seen how effective it is.

Yet, I am ashamed to admit, I have also often neglected to talk to God. Sometimes I was too tired, sometimes I was too busy. Maybe even sometimes I was just too selfish.

But, thanks to Shirley Dobson, a woman who has given the last several years of her life in selfless devotion in calling our nation to prayer, I am beginning to experience the blessing of consistent prayer in my life, once again.

Editor’s note: Shirley Dobson is chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force and a member of the Focus on the Family Board of Directors. All proceeds normally paid to an author, including advance and royalties, are being generously donated by Mrs. Dobson to the Task Force in an effort to reach the nation with the message of the life-changing power of prayer. WorldNetDaily.com is pleased to make “Certain Peace in Uncertain Times” available to our readers through our online store.

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