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At this afternoon’s daily White House news briefing, WND asked Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fleischer:

    Q: Ari, yesterday, when I asked about Pat Roush of Illinois, whose two daughters, you know, were kidnapped by her Saudi ex-husband and taken to Saudi Arabia where they’re being held, you said you had no information “as happens in nine times out of ten on your questions.” And my question today …

    MR. FLEISCHER: Whose questions? (Laughter.)

    Q: … are you now grateful to the Wall Street Journal yesterday and today, and to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox and MSNBC last night, for providing you information in this case? And I have a follow-up. (Laughter.)

    MR. FLEISCHER: Lester, I begin each day grateful to all those organizations for everything they do for me. (Laughter.)

    Q: Ari, Ari, since the Saudi foreign minister is also aware of this case, and yesterday you said, “If I have any information, I’ll try to share it,” could you now tell us that the president is concerned enough to take up this kidnapping of two young American citizens who are being held in Saudi Arabia?

    MR. FLEISCHER: It’s exactly as I described. The president had a 20-minute meeting [with Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister], which focused on peace in the Mideast …

    Q: But he didn’t discuss this, though, did he?

    MR. FLEISCHER: [Assistant] Secretary [of State William] Burns did.

    Q: Burns did?

    MR. FLEISCHER: That’s correct.

    Q: OK, thank you.

    MR. FLEISCHER: Thank you.

At yesterday’s White House briefing, despite the Wall Street Journal’s extensive report on Pat Roush’s kidnapped daughters, only WND asked about the case.

Today, the New York Posts’ Deborah Orin and one other correspondent (among the 50 present) also asked questions about this news reported last night by six networks.

WorldNetDaily first focused national attention on the Roush story back in February.

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