Authoring an upcoming book, recording her own CDs, and trying to promote world peace are all on Geela Parish’s to-do list.

Her book, entitled “The Miracle,” comes out at the end of the summer and explores Geela’s journey toward her goal of reaching global unity.

The Persian-Russian singer and author was born in Iran and spent many years in Israel. Since she never knew peace while growing up in the Middle East, Geela says, it has been her driving force to inspire people throughout the world to stop the hatred and biases that have caused so much conflict.

“We honestly believe that what’s happening between the nations is a reflection of the dynamics of what’s happening between individuals,” Geela told WorldNetDaily.

Geela, who goes by her first name, and her husband, John, are the founders of a nonprofit organization – One Spirit, One World – dedicated “to promoting world peace with a main emphasis and focus on children who are victims of wars and abuse.” One Spirit, One World works with other organizations like The American Cancer Society, Red Cross, The AIDS Foundation and others to spread the message of “hope and personal empowerment.”

Using music, books, movies, the media and influential people to help her organization increase awareness on the issue of world harmony will stimulate transformation on the personal level and eventually the global level, Geela explains. During the Stay-In School Program, Geela says, One Spirit, One World, along with the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, went from school to school in the Los Angeles area endorsing the program. She says she used the time as an opportunity to “plant the seeds of peace” in the minds of children by talking about the importance of education, diversity and social justice. After all, the children are the future teachers of peace, she says.

After an “almost fatal” car accident in Los Angeles that totaled her car and left her lying on the road, Geela says, she came away without a scratch. She believes she was saved from the wreck to help others and use all her resources to promote peace. In her book, she uses her story to inspire people and prove to them that miracles do happen.

Geela recorded the album “The Veil of Life” after her car crash as an attempt to reach people with her message of hope through her music. Her CD came out three years ago and received positive reviews from People magazine, Deepak Chopra, Peer Music and others. Geela says “The Miracle,” her true-life story, has been receiving praise from a number of people, including those with CBS, PBS, Awareness Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.

One Spirit, One World is now working with other organizations to put together a benefit concert in Washington, D.C. Geela says the concert is intended for September or November and plans to include top-recording artists like Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Kenny Rogers and Garth Brooks. The benefit is basically a fund-raising campaign to entertain people and draw attention to the cause of world peace, she says. She hopes the media attention the concert will bring will help gain support and understanding from more people.

“Our very survival is dependent on peace,” she said.

Expecting to have a bimonthly newsletter available in two to three weeks, One Spirit, One World, continues to expand its awareness program. Geela says her mission for global harmony is her whole life and believes that one person can make a difference.

“I didn’t choose it, it chose me,” she said.

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