I often say I would preach in hell if they promised to let me out. I say this as a way of showing that Christians should never be reluctant to express our faith, even in environments that may be openly hostile to us.

It was this thinking that prompted me to accept an invitation by the Nickelodeon Network’s Linda Ellerbee to appear in the “My Family Is Different” special that aired on June 18. In the interview, I denounced those who enact violence against homosexuals and those who disparage homosexuals with demeaning language. I said that all people should be afforded courtesy and respect, even when we wholeheartedly disagree with their behavior. (This should work both ways, I might add.)

In the broadcast, I stated, “It is important to respect one another. … Hatred, malice, particularly violence, whether it’s verbal or physical, is wrong always.”

However, I attempted to clarify that, as Christians, we must also honor the biblical values we hold dear. This means that we urge young people to abstain from all sexual activity outside of the traditional man-woman marriage relationship. This also means, if we are to believe the Bible, we must teach that all homosexuality is wrong. (Many in the homosexual-rights community portray this as “hate language,” but actually the opposite is true. If I hated homosexuals, I wouldn’t be interested in reaching them with the Gospel and pointing them toward true freedom through Jesus Christ.)

That portion of my remarks was largely ignored.

I was willing to give Nickelodeon and Nick News a chance by agreeing to be interviewed so that I could present the biblical point of view. Sadly, my extensive conversation with a Nickelodeon producer was reduced to just a few statements on the broadcast. My perspective that homosexuality is wrong was surrendered to the larger message, which was essentially, “Gay is OK.”

The broadcast was flooded with pro-homosexual rhetoric. It featured a homosexual Minnesota school principal, a homosexual New York firefighter, homosexual-rights activist Rosie O’Donnell and several children being brought up by homosexual parents. This amounted to little less than network indoctrination of young minds. Look how normal they are was the message.

Network officials who determined this special was necessary should not have had the subtle purpose of invading the hearts and minds of young Nickelodeon viewers and teaching them that what their parents may believe and what their faith may dictate is not correct.

Most network executives and producers live in bastions of liberalism, and they apparently believe that people across our great and diverse nation should espouse their point of view. They believe that those of us who uphold useless and old-fashioned values based on an old book like the Bible need to be enlightened toward their way of thinking. Hence the Nickelodeon special.

I am now committed to battling Nickelodeon from continuing this type of manipulation of young people on this issue. Therefore, I want to tell you about an Internet petition that may serve to halt this type of programming in the future.

Prior to the Nickelodeon broadcast, the Traditional Values Coalition recruited more than 132,000 people to sign a petition asking Nickelodeon not to air the special on homosexuality. While the network went ahead with the broadcast, the message from the petitioners was clear – many Americans do not want children being indoctrinated with pro-homosexual dogma.

The Traditional Values Coalition has now released a new petition in which they will attempt to send a clear message to the advertisers who sponsor Nick News and other Nickelodeon shows. Believe me, advertisers will take notice if they receive 130,000-plus petitions (or more) imploring them not to participate in these types of broadcasts.

“We need to send a very clear message to them – that homosexuality is a dangerous sexual behavior, not a fixed identity – that it can be healed – and that we don’t want any of our money going to support causes that hurt our families,” said Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the organization.

While the “My Family Is Different” special did not contain advertising, Mrs. Lafferty believes Nickelodeon advertisers need to be made aware of the fact that many parents are dissatisfied with the network.

I fully agree that advertisers must understand that many Americans stand against the homosexual-rights movement. I am therefore urging my friends to visit the ConservativePetitions.com website that will enable you to join thousands of others in appealing to advertisers. As Mrs. Lafferty stated, “We cannot allow homosexual activists to promote this behavior among children.”

Once again, please click here to sign this important petition to advertisers.

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