Enviros are NUTS!

In Sacramento, last week, the U.S. Forest Service said it will remove 80 percent of the dead trees burned last August on some 2,400 acres of federal land burned near Lake Tahoe in the Star Fire. But more than 16,000 acres burned in that fire – no plans yet for those dead trees.

But the environmentalists already say “no”! They want more trees left because they say the plan concentrates too heavily on removing wood that could feed another fire.

Say again?!? They want to feed fires?

We’re in the midst of a flaming disaster. The pictures are horrifying and words to describe them push editorial creativity. First, the Colorado Hayman fire blazed through 100,000 acres, then Arizona did the same. Monster fires – and still out of control.

How do you describe hell on earth? How do you describe tornadoes of flame so hot and fast moving that firefighters are pulled off the lines. As one said, “We’re not going to risk their lives to save a house.” Or any other human property. Or domestic and wild animals. Or indeed, the forest itself.

The fire rules, and flames are in charge. Almost nothing man can do will make much difference. The situation was (and remains) a recipe for disaster: Lots of fuel, heat, wind, rugged terrain, drought – plus, in some cases, help from humans in getting the inferno started – add up to a perfect combination for an inferno. Which is what we have.

The blaze in Arizona is being blamed on human causes. No suspect yet. In Colorado, it’s different. Thirty-eight-year-old Forest Service worker Terry Lynn Barton has been indicted on four federal charges: setting the fire, damaging federal property, injuring a firefighter and using fire to commit a felony. She pleaded not guilty.

Perhaps she thought she’d be a hero – she first reported the blaze. Then the holes in her story became clear and she pulled a female trick saying she was angry over a letter from her ex and burned it. The fire got out of control.

My, my – and on company time too. I was imagining her legal defense – you know … poor woman and PMS and all that.

But that didn’t last long. She’s been charged and if convicted on all counts, faces up to 65 years in prison and a $1 million fine.

That’s all? I’d vote for life. As for a fine, the total amount of the damage caused plus the cost of fighting the flames. Even that wouldn’t be enough.

As I write this, more than 19 major fires are burning across the country with nearly 1.9 million acres blackened. By the time you read this – well, I don’t even want to think what the total might be as flames sear the tinder-dry landscape.

Nature has its own way of dealing with fires: They begin, they burn, they go out. Flames are part of the cycle, allowing germination of various plant seeds and encouraging the healthy forest re-growth. These kinds of fires clean out the forest floor, ridding it of dead wood and debris and keeping the soil cleansed and healthy.

Under natural circumstances, monumental fires, like those burning now, didn’t happen. Remember when Yellowstone burned? People were shocked. But why? It was just a matter of time, because humans got involved and environmentalists made it worse.

For the last century, we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure fires happen rarely and are extinguished quickly. With Smoky the Bear as the leader, the goal was prevention at almost any cost. Great for saving houses, lousy for saving forests, and ultimately, as we see today, we end up losing the houses and the forests.

But then the Greens – “environmentalists” – came on the scene with their credo “nature good – human bad.” Their goal is to keep man out of the country – no roads, trails, camping, hiking, riding, hunting, driving, living, logging. Nothing.

They use lawsuits as weapons. They’ve prevented the construction and use of fire access roads, prevented the removal of dead trees and underbrush (which act as fuel when fires do start), have forced a “zero cut” logging policy which promotes abnormal forest growth and, in documented cases, prevented using river water to fight adjacent fires!

When liberal courts give them victory, the money to pay their lawyers comes from funds allocated for forest restoration and maintenance. You couldn’t have a better plan for environmental destruction. They’re still at it.

And consider this: Last weekend was only the start of the fire season.

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