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Gaza's preschool of hate

An Islamist school in the Palestinian Authority territory of Gaza teaches children as young as 5 the techniques of urban guerrilla warfare, jihad against Jewish settlers and martyrdom missions to kill Zionists.

A student at Islamic University aims his gun.

The school – called Islamic University, or Mosque – is so proud of its programs for some 4,000 students that it boasts about them on its public, Arabic-language website, jislamia.org – a site well-illustrated with photos of small children in full-dress battle uniforms.

On the website’s “news” page, an article, translated from Arabic, describes a graduation ceremony for elementary-level schoolchildren who learn, beginning at the age of 5, to covet the city of Jerusalem, learn about suicide bombers as “martyrs” and to hate “Zionist criminals.”

At the ceremony, posters showing the images of Palestinian “martyrs” are posted on the walls – especially the martyr Mohammed Al Dar. The students are required to recite Islamic slogans during the graduation and shout for the death of the Jews.

The children also perform military displays and play games with assault rifles.

Marching with weapons at Islamic University.

At the school, the children are instructed in urban guerrilla warfare and the importance of removing “Zionist settlers” from their land.

“The children can say ‘No, no’ to the Israeli occupiers and even though they are but 5 years old, they can say, ‘We are not afraid of Israeli bombardment,'” explained Sheikh Ahmed Baher, the headmaster of the school.

Continued Baher, “We, in the name of the martyr Mohammed Al Dar and the martyr Radeyah Aiman, we pledge solidarity with them and the continuation of the jihad and the establishment (of Palestine) and the intifada.”

A group of Islamic children burn the Israeli flag.

Mohammed Hussein Nasr Allah, secretary general of the Iranian-backed, Lebanese-based terrorist organization Hezbollah, has visited the school and addressed the children. The terrorist leader told the children they “will never have to face the Zionists alone for the Hezbollah is with them forever.”

A youngster emulates the killers of two Israelis in Ramallah.

In addition to teaching hatred and war, the school also offers instruction in the Koran, science, math and history.

What’s the goal of this institution? “The staff hopes it will produce a generation of children able to kick the Zionists out of Palestine and liberate the Palestinians.”

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