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“This is not to say that the current President Bush actually listens to the whole thing, which can drag on for 45 minutes and culminate in ridiculousness. ‘He’s not that bored,’ said Mr. Fleischer who often ends his briefings by calling on a perennial press corps gadfly, Lester Kinsolving, a Baltimore radio personality who not long ago asked Mr. Fleischer if the president believed that a Pennsylvania dog Mr. Kinsolving said was accused of racial profiling should face the death penalty.

‘Lester, I think you need to bark up a different tree,’ Mr. Fleischer replied.”

–Elizabeth Bumiller, New York Times, July 1, 2002

Dear Elizabeth Bumiller:

While I was amused indeed to be included, by name, in your entertaining July 1 “Live From Washington, It’s the Daily Press Briefing,” I wish, as a shareholder of the New York Times company, that you could have manifested the usual Times research thoroughness in identifying me.

You were partially correct in identifying me as “A Baltimore radio personality,” since my home station is WCBM Baltimore. But, had you bothered to research, you could have accurately reported that I am also the White House correspondent for Talk Radio Network and for WorldNetDaily.com – which goes far beyond Baltimore, into 138 countries with over 30 million pageviews per month.

I am grateful for what appears to be your much-less-than-complimentary description of me as: “a perennial press corps gadfly.” You seem, however, unaware of Greek mythology’s disclosure that the gadfly was divinely inspired! (Hera, Queen of the Gods, learned that her Clinton-like husband, King Zeus, having seduced another Greek maiden had, in order to camouflage her from Hera’s wrath, turned her into a cow named Io. But, Hera sent a gadfly to buzz in Io’s ear. This maddening experience caused Io to flee Greece, cross the Hellespont and continue fleeing this pursuing gadfly, until she reached Egypt, where she was deified, and finally relieved from this diligent divinely instituted gadfly).

You go on to write that I, “Asked Mr. Fleischer if the president believed that a Pennsylvania dog Mr. Kinsolving said was accused of racial profiling should face the death penalty.”

In actuality, (which you really should have checked out) it was the national wire of the Associated Press (to which the New York Times belongs) which reported that McKee’s Rocks, Penn., councilwoman Wanda Jones Dixon charged that a 5-year old German Shepard police dog named Dolpho had engaged in racial profiling and should therefore be put to death.

Ari Fleischer’s method of evading this question was undeniably funny – and I laughed too – when he said: “Lester, I think you need to bark up a different tree!”

Two days later, however, I hosted the Michael Savage Show on 300 stations on Talk Radio Network. The last 20 callers (with others waiting on line) were not at all amused by Ari the Spokesman For America’s Dog-Owning, Dog-Loving President.

But Elizabeth, if the AP’s story of the Pennsylvania police dog, as questioned by me, was, in your words: “A culmination in ridiculousness,” why, just two days later, did you take up a quarter of a page of the New York Times, to tell us all about President’s Bush’s two dogs?

Arf! Arf!

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